Dream Interpretation

Our Ability To Dream

By Skinner J.Tyler

The tree outside during Dream Interpretation April 2022
Dream Interpretation 2021-2022

Our Dream Phenomenon

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We will have a dream at some point of our lives and may even be experienced with a nightmare. Either way, I’m sure you can say you had a dream. Dreams are filled with many different aspects, depending on what one is feeling and how they are thinking throughout the day. Some people have had dreams where they remembered someone who they haven’t seen in years, being right there in their dreams.

I always remember dreaming; from the time I was a kid and until now; I remember telling my friends about my strange dreams and still do today. I’ve had dreams where specific events occurred in real life, as they did in the dream. It can be overwhelming and hard to gasp but these dreams are important and if you aren’t able to get over them; you will surely suffer a dream the topic being highlighted.

The tree outside April 2022

We humans have the ability to understand all aspects of truth. What we believe to be true and ensure it is truth, comes from the state of mind that validates our interpretation of the truth. The word in which we speak can hold deception and dishonest misconception; often causing confusion and sows the seeds of mistrust.

In harmony of truth, we see a different type of concept. A concept where the word is spoken but believed; by the speaker of the truth and the listener. You can feel the vibe of truth and a veil of deception between the two aspects of discussion. Although the line can be very thin, it can often be conceived by anyone knowing one from the other in terms of truth and “the word“.

The Conscious Thought

We think many thoughts throughout our day and our conscious mind is always prepared to make that thought. It also processes the very thought by using it’s own conscious thinking and by using subconscious thinking. Our mind works in this way so we are able to process our thoughts even while thinking them.

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This allows us to consider what we think before we actually speak it, allowing us to consider the thought we are about to say. This process allows us to consider the outcome and evaluate the effect these words would have on the person or themselves.

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The Subconscious Mind

While the conscious mind is making most of the calls throughout your day, it may seem as though it is dominant in this area. Since it is conscious mind and we use it all the time for actual consciousness but little do we know our subconscious mind is always working in harmony to make sure there is proper balance within.

Duality between the two seems abstract but it is more simple than that. The two work through wakefulness and ensures our thoughts are true with dreams and nightmares, therefore having a influence on how we respond. This may be what the scholars call “Freewill”.

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Our subconscious mind then seems to be a backup system in our mind that helps us ensure our conscious mind is in check. Validation of every conscious thought, to ensure we understand the concept of what it is we think we understand. If we only rely on our conscious thoughts, then everything would be absolute but of course this cannot be the case since that little voice will always be there; to ensure our true intentions are set.

Dreams Influence

So our dreams are made up of everyday events we experience and feel, making us aware of the fears, truth and cryptic ideals that can lead us into a vortex of peace or into a chaotic place if pain. We all have these experiences throughout life and it helps us understand who we are and how those around us, influence our daily lives just as much as we ourselves do. This is all part of our gift in understanding life, others and who we are ourselves.

Philosophy Of Dream

Candle and scent burner edited in red effect April 2021-2022 Skinner J.Tyler
Dream Philosophy

So throughout this concept of listening, thinking and speaking; we develop ways of successfully producing words and ideas. Some that can be useful to ourselves and others. We all love sharing what we know with others but there are those very few; who like the spotlight but have no idea what they are talking about. This is due to lack of understanding, bitter judgment (upon themselves) and lack of research.

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