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The organization is currently developing a new image and will now be offering new products and services. Master Querent & Disciples is a brand that offers entertainment, inspiration and many other other unique services that help provide our loyal clients with spiritual guidance and wisdom. Currently in development through Dr. Digital Philosophy, the parent organization that specializes in online development, website hosting and adult entertainment offered through our premium membership available at Master Querent & Disciples. Through our parent organization, we have featured companies, small businesses and online entertainment:

  • Coastal Agency- an agency dedicated to self publishing services and public relations for clients who are looking to publish their work and advertising services that help promote our clients products over a wide network (United States, Canada, UK and Spain). This agency specializes in advertising online and through reaching a wide range of customers and clients, using SEO Optimization, digital marketing tools and resources available today such as Google, Instagram, Tiktok and Amazon. Coastal Agency is dedicated to editorial services, publishing and advertising online using digital marketing services all over the world with new markets such as our newest advertising promotions in Spain.
  • Coastal Linkz– a small community taxi service that is currently closed and is not due to open within the near future. This small business was a side project that helped provide another taxi service within the local area and provide rides to anyone during 24 hours a day. This small organization helped launch such small businesses such as Coastal Agency, Coastal Cannabis and Dr. Digital Philosophy; where all income from thos small time business went into other start ups during the last year. (Currently Closed)
  • Master Querent & Disciples- a premium membership that is available now through Dr. Digital Philosophy and offers clients a chance to explore new features and promotions. We now offer online tarot card readings and offer designated services that provide insight, consultation and support to anyone of the age of 19 and over; using the Rider-Waite Tarot Deeck. Check out our premium membership in the menu above and find out more about Master Querent & Disciples Premium Membership for only $4.99/monthly subscription.
  • Dr. Digital’s Online Shop– is a new store that is currently open and available for anyone looking to shop online for specialty products, decorative items, collectibles and more. Check out Dr. Digital’s Online Shop today for new sales and discounts available only through our store, available here.

This new overhaul on the website has allowed the organization to make some readjustments and add some new features that will help highlight the key role of Dr. Digital Philosophy. It has been a long road for all of us, but quite a road to take over the last few years; by developing new ideas and learning new aspects of designing a website domain and creating new ideas online and offline as well. Delving into many new areas of knowledge and understanding, and it what we offer here at Dr. Digital Philosophy. We are a organization that specializes in website design, webpage hosting and online design tools that help us highlight key business ventures such as Coastal Agency, Coastal Cannabis (Coming Soon) and Master Querent & Disciples. We also help clients build webpages to help their business or online niche. Resources and tools not easily available anywhere else within the local area, so we help those people build and design a image that works for them. We provide a unique design that gives our organization a edge over any modern day website design and web-hosting. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.

The Rx philosophy is not fixing the issues we currently experience today (since it would be impossible for a single person to fix everything), but since I am a single person, who is trying to do my part in making the world a better place; I try to do the right thing (which is usually the harder road to take) by offering my services and products to clients everywhere. Through understanding and by discussing areas of inspiration; through the use of poetry, stories, digital art and other types of media; Dr. Digital Philosophy hopes to inspire and encourage others to follow their own dreams and aspirations. To achieve their own success; doing something for themselves and for others, by providing positive advice, services or ideas. Check out more on our webpage for further details about who we are and what we do.

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Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021-2022

Our vision of spiritual development can help anyone on this journey called life. It can be a difficult road and highlights the details in between the realms of black and white; where the lines can be obscured and difficult to see. Explore Dr. Digital Philosophy to find out more or check out our unique galleries here. Dr. Digital Philosophy now features a new page called Mystic-Photography where images were edited using unique photograph captures of cannabis plants (grown by us locally and legally), then using a editor application we are able to create a unique design that highlights the unique image captured within the picture. This has been a new hobby of mine and it allows me to create authentic material, by using my own camera to capture the images, growing my own plants (that I cultivate right here at home) and using editors I find online, I can then create unique images; that I hope will inspire and bring joy to those looking for some positive energy in this world. Join me on my quest for spiritual development and through the organization’s development process of starting something new. I can help you or anyone else interested in growing spirituality, cultivating plants and positively having a overall positive impact, through understanding. Using meditation and divination, we can provide accurate information that can help you understand your daily life and what makes you unique.

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Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021-2022
Journey Of The Querent by Skinner J.Tyler and published by Coastal Agency April 4th 2021-2022

Journey Of The Querent

Author Skinner J.Tyler writes his first work of non-fiction; highlighting modern day philosophical ideology and the importance of perspective during our development over time.

Published by Coastal Agency (a new development operating as a small public relations agency and opening soon for public relation inquiries), the novel is now available in hardcover and paperback on Amazon. Be sure to get your copy today.

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Dr. Digital Philosophy

Our organization provides media and services that are used to provide insight into philosophical ideology and perspectives, used today to understand the world around us. Highlighting other features like cannabis cultivation, dream (& nightmare) interpretation and even tarot card readings. The organization is invested in helping to provide insight into personal development through spiritual guidance.

Dr. Digital Philosophy is here to provide spiritual guidance, nothing more. This is just the beginning of our philosophy to an approach of developing a digital organization that can provide you with answers to questions. By using spiritual development skills, we can help elaborate on what it means to develop a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. Through the use of digital art, blogs, poetry, short stories (non-fiction and fictional) and inspiration.

Dr. Digital Philosophy offers perspective on the modern-day society while looking into historical events that had shaped our present day. This new era is now the time for growth, understanding and transcendence into a world for everyone who are authentic. Using a unique personality and understanding a great unity of self awareness comes to the surface; waking us from our deep slumber. Making us aware of the dream that happens all around us, since you would have to be asleep, in order to live such a dream.

This practice is utilized through discussions, using social media, email and getting in touch with our subscribers who we value and appreciate enormously. Dr. Digital Philosophy is grateful for the support shown during this development of the organization; what it represents and the quality of details used throughout this website (and within the organization). Our subscribers are what makes this webpage, Dr. Digital Philosophy; alive and moving forward with new developments within the modern era, for the modern era.

“So dream big and reach for the goal; you can do it and you know you can”

Skinner J.Tyler 2021-2022

We try to understand what we don’t know; through art and dedication; using reference to other aspects or topics offered by people all over the world. Through history and knowledge, we develop a understanding but still know so little about who we truly are and although we try, we can’t always understand. Dr. Digital Philosophy highlights these key topics and aspects of life through spiritual development and hope you can join me on this adventure forward using spiritual guidance, enlightenment and true understanding. Sign up today for your specialty service.

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Our Philosophy

“Presentation of our project will be non-bias, practical and open for debate or discussion; sharing thoughts and ideas to help and inspire. All information is open for interpretation or disagreement; upon understanding the material being presented. There is no right or wrong; just ego and ignorance; where we know everything and yet, nothing at all.”

Skinner J.Tyler 2021-2022
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