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We Are Dr. Digital Philosophy

We started this page during the month of March 2021. It was the very end of the month and I was sure our project was about to end there. All over a question that was asked, “Can anyone develop a website online?” I knew I definitely couldn’t, since I never did complete a online webpage or blog in the past (trying to create one on several attempts and never maintaining it. This was due to it’s inability to draw interest even from it’s maker).

Then a new innovative way towards creating something and producing it in the end was inspiring, educational and a new tool that could be used to reach out to people. Reach out to those who still read such literature as blogs and enjoyed it’s simplicity. Especially when everyone has the opportunity to write something these days. A blog can be insightful and offers knowledge into details, regarding the topic at hand. (Pardon the pun) So from there we developed a prototype of something that was unknown and offered potential. Dr. Digital Philosophy was born March 2021 and now offers a blog, that is updated frequently.

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I created this website to find out more about myself and trying new things I would have never of done before; (within reason of course) while still learning new ways to update and improve this website. I have a lot more to show you but that’s for another day. For now, all I can tell you is I am a young entrepreneur who decided to take a different path during these last few years. We all seem to walk through life in the same pattern; same line that is parallel with others walking that same path. Although that path always seem to led those same people to a age of lost, regret, weariness and in a state where life it seems was one big “click”.

How Did We Get Here? Where Do We Go?

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Conclusion Within The Era

Over the short period of my life, I’ve traveled over a small distance of this planet and seen many sights i thought only existed in fairy tales. I’ve traveled far on land, venturing over the seas, to the next port of call. I’ve traveled by air and not just in a airplane, flying to the next terminal.

I met many people, from many different cultures who all have a story or two to share. I’ve learned much from all kinds of people and the land as well. The sea has been a guide for me, like a book that explains a type of system that is built upon knowledge and practice. The world is full of exciting things and it’s only the beginning.

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