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Dr. Digital’s Philosophy is here to provide insight and guidance to anyone looking for spiritual development strategies and using key techniques that has helped me, along with many others; who has also found a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle that can change the way you feel and help you understand who you truly are; as individuals and as people. By looking back on our past and how humanity has changed over the course of history, along with how far along we have come as a species and who we become. This is based upon our historical past; the ability to achieve more and become better people is more important now than ever. It is possible to achieve more and I’ve included these techniques in my spiritual practices, along with a few other ideas to help people see the ability of understanding dreams and their power for spiritual enlightenment. And understanding reality in contrast to fantasy, requires duality between the two with a harmonious repetition, constantly descending and ascending; through a constant force called yin and yang ☯️, duality of force that causes energy to move and travel. I have highlighted historical topics, hidden mystery and unraveling the key aspects of modern society today as much as I could in my current book called Journey Of The Querent” by Skinner J.Tyler and published by Coastal Agency during 2022 (using current perspective and through my opinion and knowledge that is reasonable) with research and studying courses online, while in school, while working on ships as a Marine Diesel Mechanic; I’ve learned numerous skills and developed a wide range of experience by traveling the world by sea, air and land. Traveling to the ends of the earth to such areas as the North Pole has inspired me to be who I am today, exploring unknown areas of the world and understanding it’s strange mysteries, uncovering hidden knowledge and cryptic criteria.

Through knowledge and understanding, we can all share our thoughts and ideas with anyone in the world using the internet. It has made data sharing faster than ever, but reaching everyone isn’t always easy to do (and even harder many years ago).

Using poems, photography and articles that outline details about our perspectives (or blogs). This is important today, especially since almost 60% of the world is online, using the internet and developing new ideas fpr future prosperity.

  • Dr. Digital Philosophy has reached a wide range of people that are looking for something within themselves and no longer require material gain to be happy. A new age has descended upon us and during these modern times I am happy to inspire and help anyone with spiritual guidance, development and growth; using techniques and skills I’ve developed and worked on over the years through reading, studying and paying close attention; without missing details.
  • Digital Tarot Art-uses images captured through the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck and then uses these photos for digital editing; creating a digital design that offers authentic, quality artwork designed here. And my newest feature includes:

Our newest feature includes a subscription to our premium content that requires you to be over the age of 19 years old in order to utilize the full features of our website. Master Querent And includes:

  • Tarot Card Readings (using online applications for personal readings [Completely Confidential]
  • Dream Interpretation (using applications online we provide a personalized service (or check out my Quora Space for more details)
  • The Celtic Cross- a complex reading that explains a lot of personal, career, love and general information about the client’s life and future (COMING SOON)

Our historical research comes in handy, when discussing our world and it’s development over the last several years. It tells us a story of where we come from and why we are herem. Innovation, design, war and development has made us advance as a species, yet there is so much we don’t understand as a civilization. As a whole, we see the universe and even the mysticism side of enlightenment, only to deny it’s essence and possibilities.

Why Is this? Why is it we can never seem to get the full story or understanding? Is this our curse?

Mankind has been developing new technologies every since the stone age and still developing new ideas and trends today; to make a new breakthrough into our inevitable future of understanding the world and everything around us (as a whole). When the first stone was used as a hammer; a breaking point was achieved and this is what allowed us to further our understanding through evolution. With mankind in it’s evolutionary embrace through innovation and creativity, utilizing technology and thinking outside the regular day mundane; it became a turning point for our race of species and caused us to grow. It allowed us to continue onward, with more understanding and further development of technology and techniques we needed in order to survive as a species; to survive and move on as a race of people who have done enough damage already. The need to move forward is required to avoid moving backwards, into a cyclone of unpredictability.

Welcome to our new Philosophy! Start here and find out more!

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Journey Of The Querent

This book is about the value of perspective during today’s modern times. It highlights the author’s journey through life while outlining some of the main lessons learned in life and on today’s modern stage. Allowing the reader to see the adventure over time, while embarking on an experience that is unlike no other. Follow the Querent on his journey through the everyday understanding of the world around him and modern day life with the events and tragedies.

During our modern times there have been echoes from the past that tend to affect us today; a world that has been torn apart by war, pandemics and other types of darkness, unseen to everyone. The journey continues onward but resides in the present day with simplicity and ideas passed down and learned over time. It is written in this book and available today on Amazon (Canada,USA and United Kingdom).

Journey Of The Querent by Skinner J.Tyler and published by Coastal Agency 2022

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New Features

Digital Cannabis Art and Digital Tarot Art are now available here at Dr. Digital Philosophy. I also feature a new subscription to my premium content (must be over the age of 19 to join our premium membership). Master Querent And Disciples available now for those looking for personal tarot readings and more.


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