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Policy 4.1(a) Revised (3d)(2a)

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Policy & Procedure 2022

Dr. Digital Philosophy’s policy procedure that has been revised during 2022 to keep our policy up-to-date, regulated and outlined; with new developments, highlighting key components (aspects, content, etc.) that are available here for anyone looking into our organization (Coastal Agency). To avoid conflict of interest and disregard for our policy process; please read before making claims or using our policies for personal gain, regurgitating false information and unethical, bias remarks that include slander and disregard; for Dr. Digital Philosophy and under Coastal Agency.

Keep in mind that all content is not original but may contain other artists songs, images or works throughout our organization for presentation purposes only. (We only take credit or profit from our own work, images and blogs without using the work and effort of the creator entity or any of their affiliates involved) This site is used for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken with serious content upon regarding it’s story during Dr. Digital Philosophy and should be researched and reviewed before claiming fact to said information on our website or other affiliated platforms such as Digital Philosophy and Coastal Agency, our parent organization that heads all production, creation and development of all affiliated organizations under the Coastal Agency parent organization as a sub parent organization; under Coastal Agency.

Policy And Procedures March Revised 2022
Copyright March 2022

Section Article 1a:

We are not liable for any redistributed material that is copyright and do not take any responsibility for anyone using this website and the views of the organization as of July 2021 to present day 2022, and can be charged under Canada Copyright Act. Use caution and remember to research information before quoting anything from the Dr. Digital Philosophy and it’s affiliates (such as Digital Philosophy, Coastal Agency, etc.); or profiting from our material that is original quality and not to be used for resale or distribution. We researched information and data throughly but that doesn’t mean all information is accurate due to large-scale disinformation spread online and throughout community. All licenses and registration has been completed by Coastal Agency and registered under the Federal Government of Canada 🇨🇦.

Policy Procedure 4.1(a) Revised 3(d) 2(a)

Revised April 27th, 2022

Section Article 2a:

“During our current endeavors we would like to remind clients and viewers that while we offer original, authentic material throughout our website, although we will be using splash photography (stock photography) as well as stock photography from Pexel Media Library from WordPress for creative purposes only and visual content. We take no credit for photography and images offered through WordPress or simdif picture stock library but only take credit for our own original content; edited by our organization or manipulated by Dr. Digital Philosophy or Coastal Agency. Although Dr. Digital Philosophy (And Coastal Agency) is our domain, not all content is original and may be different depending on what the imagery is used for.

**Coastal Agency has currently reopened it’s business endeavors and now represents Dr. Digital Philosophy, Digital Philosophy and Master Querent And Disciples; under any means represented online or offline. Rather we now consider Dr. Digital Philosophy (as well as Master Querent And Disciples) to be it’s own brand and platform during project “2021:2022”.

Section Article 2b:

“We currently use images from photographed material and edit our images through an application called “Polish” available on Google Play and Apple Istore. Our remixes use a application called “Music Maker Jam” also available on Google Play (Apple Istore as well) and allows us to develop new content and material that is created by Dr. Digital Philosophy. Videos created for YouTube and Tiktok are edited using Tiktok editor, YouTube editor and My Movie; both available on Google Play and Apple Istore. We also use snapchat and other social media applications such as Quora, where we answer questions and interpret dreams using accurate information related to the psychological interpretation of the dream; rather then using a spiritual influence (which we sometimes do use depending on the spread or divination). We account for all responsibilities and integrity of Dr. Digital Philosophy under Coastal Agency and it’s affiliates. We do not take responsibility for articles written in our blog or and written material, literature or videos due to our right to create, present and share content online; using WordPress. WordPress and simdif are not responsible for the articles and webpage or organization in any means, that only responsibility falls under that cooperate organization known as “Coastal Agency”; who’s owner and operator is John Tyler Skinner (organization owner and delegate for licensing held by the sole proprietor under Provincial Government of Newfoundland and Labrador; as well as the Federal Government of Canada).

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Policy Procedure & Regulations 2021

Appendix (a):

“Our new policy is to be understood and taken into consideration when viewing our website and it’s affiliations with our businesses through MasterQuerent, Digital Philosophy and Dr. Digital Philosophy. Under our business name and Sole Proprietorship, Dr. Digital Philosophy (Coastal Agency) has taken all necessary steps to ensure regulatory compliance and policy is followed throughout our business endeavors. *Please note: we follow all regulations and policies under the Federal Government of Canada and Provincial Government of Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada. We are registered under the Canadian Revenue Agency and work closely with Health Canada regulations and laws when upholding business endeavors, along with it’s rules and regulations. Any questions or concerns regarding licensing or registration information will be presented on account, capacity and order requirements made in thereof that the requestor, lawyer or RCMP(and therefore has no legal requirements to be presented, unless upon request by an officer of the law RCMP).”

Appendix (b)

Author and published by Skinner J. Tyler and through Dr. Digital Philosophy, MasterQuerent and other affiliates, Author and Creator; Skinner J.Tyler who is Sole Proprietor: John Tyler Skinner and business named under Dr. Digital Philosophy can present authentic material and content, which is that of the creator and presenter; created and produced under the name Dr. Digital Philosophy. As well; John Tyler Skinner sometimes refer to himself as Skinner J.Tyler under Dr. Digital Philosophy, as well as Coastal Agency to express branding and entertainment purposes only and is not a representation of identity but of the organization itself and affiliates. Under our domain business; Dr. Digital Philosophy and Coastal Agency are Business(es) under Sole Proprietor John Tyler Skinner (or Skinner J.Tyler): Author, publisher and Designer also written as Skinner J.Tyler 2021.2022. Please be advised that all links associated with Dr. Digital Philosophy and other affiliated sites through John Tyler Skinner are #ComissionsEarned through, under Amazon Associates Program; earning commissions on purchases through the links above on this webpage. As a  Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Appendix (c):

“We must disclose and provide sufficient information that outlines our requirements to obtain any type of payment from our #ComissionsEarned through Amazon Associates, Gold Dreams, Huate Health or any other entity we associate with and promote throughout our websites, YouTube channel(Digital Philosophy) and other social media applications such as TikTok (Master Querent And Disciples). We are obligated to disclose our business in advertising and promotion of ads, brands and other associated affiliates under Dr. Digital Philosophy” “We promote and provide information for associates such as “Intellifluence” or other affiliated websites providers that offer us: Dr. Digital Philosophy or John Tyler Skinner #ComissionsEarned through advertising and promoting online. While purchasing products at Amazon, remember that anything purchased by clicking our links allows us to earn commissions upon purchase of the product or products available on Amazon. We currently promote Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) websites such as Huate Health, Gold Dreams, Flawless Flower and High Club.

Available only to adults of the age of 19 years of age and older due to Provincial Laws, Territory Law and Federal law under the Canadian Government in Ottawa, Ontario; Canada”

Stock Photography Splash Image WordPress Mountain Scenery during Winter
Privacy Policy Updated March 2022

Appendix (d):

“Our stock photography are from the WordPress library known as Pexel and are not authentic or original. We also use images taken from the Rider Tarot Deck in order to achieve an understanding of the description we are presenting. These images are referenced and used throughout for a view or understanding of the article, webpage, comment, or video. Using other applications such as Cartoon Photo (available on Apple Istore and Google Play), Polish for editing photographs.

Appendix (e):

“Under Federal Government of Canada Rules and Regulations, material used on websites and other affiliated social applications are under the Copyright Law and cannot be used to benefit from or copied for benefit due to Copyright Law in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Law under the Government of Canada. Redistribution ofcopyright material is illegal and punishable by law.”

Dr. Digital Philosophy does not take responsibility or any type of capacity for redistribution of copyright, trademarks or brand material under any circumstances as of February 28th, 2022 (March 11th, 2022). We do not take any responsibility for any harm or damage caused by information, data or entertainment that is only referenced and reflects the organizations content, beliefs, etc.”

Appendix (f)

Dr. Digital Philosophy would like to advise clients that discussions, that involves readings through tarot interpretation are confidential. Mystic Tarot Emporium is not required to disclose any personal information related to the client, client’s personal information or anything related to the person’s work life or career. This includes a non-disclosure of details related to the privacy of the client or anything discussed with the client.”

Although, it is the right on the client to discuss anything involving the reading, tarot or interpretation. All our clients have a right to freedom of choice, which allows them to discuss anything with anybody regarding tarot readings. It is up to the client whether they feel comfortable with discussing such personal matters and does not give us the ability to do the same. Our privacy policy is followed and the non-disclosure, confidentiality agreement between the client and reader must be upheld

Cannabis Policy

Section Article 3a:

“Coastal Cannabis Established March 2021-2022, is currently a non-profit, non-entity project that provides research information and data available in Canada; under Health Canada Regulations and Authorities of the Federal Government of Canada through use of a ACMPR License. This license represents the company of Coastal Cannabis, Dr. Digital Philosophy, or Coastal Agency but highlights the legal ground that provides assurance of liability when presenting material and information regarding Cannabis Growing, Cannabis Consumption or Cannabis Consolidation. Where Coastal Cannabis acts on behalf of the client, assisting the client in obtaining a ACMPR License, reliable information regarding cannabis licensing and the ability to provide materials; such as: Cannabis Seeds, Cannabis Clones, Cannabis Plants and Cannabis products (such as shake, flower and edibles) to that client (who must have a legal Health Canada ACMPR License) in order to legally provide any services under Health Canada Laws and Regulations with regards to the ACMPR Licensing Act 2017 and as well as the Cannabis Act 2018; with respect to all rules and regulations are followed and carried out effectively.”

Section Article 3b:

“Coastal Cannabis does not operate any business at this time until proper licensing and development are in place to operate legally. We provide information about licensing for medical purposes only and do not advertise any products under our business name Coastal Cannabis, or hold any obligation to provide products online or anywhere else under Federal and Provincial Government Law within Canada. Until licensing is carried out within the business called Coastal Cannabis Established March 2021-2022; under no circumstances will operate or provide consolidation inquiry, licensing or cannabis products such as seeds, clones or plants of any type.”

Policy Procedure is written and presented by Dr. Digital Philosophy under Federal Government of Canada Regulations are followed and carried out. Written and reviewed by Skinner J.Tyler (John T. Skinner) of Newfoundland, Canada 🇨🇦

**Revised April 27th, 2022 for updated requirements and information related to Coastal Agency, Dr. Digital Philosophy, Digital Philosophy, Coastal Linkz, and Coastal Cannabis.**

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