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Digital-Mystic Art created by Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021-2022
Digital-Mystic Art 2022

Digital-Mystic Art uses images captured by me, Dr. Digital Philosophy and then edits the captures to create a unique image called Digital-Mystic Art. Through using the aspect of perspectives and other key aspects during creation of these images; while taking photos of my very own cannabis plants. The true key of each image requires time, patience and details within the image itself to fully grasp and understand the imagery being used. This of course, is what highlightes photographic images and draws attention to the detail, quality and design.

It gives me a way of creating many images by only using the best ones that are appealing to the eye and using whatever tends to jump out at me, when editing each image. This page eas developed during the creation of Digital-Mystic Art and over a period of time, through design and development; took on a life of it’s own, that relaxes me, allows me to escape and helps me focus. Re-designed and re-captured to explain the details within the image itself; by using cannabis plants that I have grown and cultivated over the last few months. Each stage allowed me to capture the essence and detail of growing these magnificent plants. The process has been spiritual, overwhelming and exquisite to be honest and it is something I plan to keep on working at, cultivating cannabis plants using techniques that work and dedication towards these girls.

Digital-Mystic Art: is a unique design and created by Dr. Digital Philosophy during May 2022. This is able to eventually become a brand and through hard work, dedication and stride. Using techniques developed through online programs that teach digital imagery development. Promoting is easier today more than ever with social media available, check Dr. Digital Philosophy out on Snapchat and Instagram and see more Digital-Mystic Art.

This type of work is unique and gave me a outlook on digital design; perspectives and philosophy through using my own images that were captured by me. This is done during the cannabis cultivation project called Coastal Cannabis. A project that is moving into a new stage of development and growth. Over time I hope to develop a diverse understanding of Digital-Mystic Art, detailing the true beauty of the plant itself and the details that make up it’s essence.

Using the White Widow Strain during this cultivation process, I decided to capture images while the plants developed over time from seed to flower. My next strain will be coming soon with new designs and images of the strain known as Purple Kush. I hope to explore a whole new type of grow using clones and new space for cultivating these magnificent plants, allows proper air flow and a thriving environment that works for the plants. They are living things that use a system called photosynthesis, where plants use light, air and water to create glucose (or sugars) that causes the plant to develop and grow. Proper care and procedures must be carried out when watering, pruning and maintaining the grow environment these cannabis plants require.

More images coming soon and updates available daily so check back for more at Digital-Mystic Art or check out our Quora space know as Coastal Cannbis.

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