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Welcome to Dr. Digital Philosophy

A New Age, A New Outlook & A New Chapter”

Edited Image of Cannabis Plant During Fall 2021 Growing While in Seedling Stage

Who are we?

Dr. Digital Philosophy is a online idea that allows viewers to read articles posted in Dr Digital Philosophy’s Blogancy. The Blogancy is where we post quality updated articles that are informative and non-bias; entertaining and sometimes helpful, although unique in itself. We provide videos that are available at our YouTube channel that we call Digital Philosophy, where Dr. Digital Philosophy takes advantage of quality video through social media platforms such as youtube.com and demonstrates all kinds of interesting content. Most of all, we provide our viewers with quality information, that is researched and reviewed by all of us at Dr. Digital Philosophy; to help those looking for quality material and content that is reliable. We offer many things here, especially insight into daily events throughout our modern 2021 era. The world is unlike any other day except for what it is today.

Night Sky with the Moon and Stars during Autumn Equinox 2021 Original Photography Edited By Skinner J.Tyler
Dr. Digital Philosophy Biography

We are new and have recently changed our website address due to our newest development. To entertain and share what we offer here at Dr. Digital Philosophy, we have to keep updated and ensure our website is operating at it’s best. That is why we constantly update our overall theme and everything that makes us unique. Dr. Digital Philosophy is changing all the time but we rest assure you that all blog articles are stored here and won’t be deleted for references to our integrity and design during the first stages of this project or experiment.

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Photo by Bruno Thethe on Pexels.com

That’s right! Everything you read or see on this website has references somewhere, whether it’s something we seen online or something we read in a paper, we ensure all our material is linked to references made in our webpage. Either way, we will make sure to link our references and provide sufficient details into our content. This allows you, the reader to obtain quality material that can be used for assignments, references or knowledge material.

Dr. Digital Philosophy Imagery Original Design Candle burning through the night and shinging whole captured

Where Do We Begin

We are always working around the clock to bring you updated content and original imagery. As well as original, updated seasons over time allowing for new material and authentic design.

Swirling Image edited and authentic is a image of the inside of a water bottle but manipulated

We started our operation during April 2021, with the pandemic still on the rise. We didn’t know how to start or what we were starting back then. The idea was there and it was ready to take form, one way or another but it wasn’t anything at first. The words were ready to be written and the images were there to show everyone what it means to live in this modern day Digital Era. Where we all have the ability to create, write or blog online but only so many have the talent to draw in others.

The first month I created this website I was allowing myself to completely focus on development of a website or a blog. Something that would be worth the effort and last over time, with care and upgrades. Speaking through words and perspective, based on topics and articles I’ve read. Using references and my own material to create something authentic. Dr. Digital Philosophy was born during the month of April 2021 in Newfoundland, Canada.

Of course, we offer everyone the chance to respond by commenting or posting on what we write. We accept all comments on this website and on our blog. We appreciate bad feedback as well, since we are new and see negative feedback as a way to help improve this website for those who seek more. Plus since everyone’s opinion matters, all comments are relevant to our organization. Especially these days!

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Tarot cards laid out in a reading of three while smoke hovering above the cards are used for effect

Edited Image Coastal Agency Updated Photography 2021
Updated Photography Added October 2021 Original and Edited

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Through Affiliates like Coastal Agency, as well as Dr. Digital Philosophy we attach links associated with Amazon online where we make a commission from sales. Author and Creator Skinner J.Tyler can present authentic material and content through Coastal Agency and Coastal Linkz and are Businesses under Sole Proprietor John Tyler Skinner: Author and Designer 2021. Please be advised that all links associated with Dr. Digital Philosophy, Coastal Agency and other affiliated sites through John Tyler Skinner are #ComissionsEarned through Amazon.com, under Amazon Associates Program; earning commissions on purchases through the links above on this webpage. As a  Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

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