The agency has been operating for a year and currently offering clients the resources available for publishing books, novels and even E-books. The agency is currently offering editorial services, advertising campaigns and public relations services, that help clients through publication and marketing campaigns. Allowing them the opportunity to release their very own book, novel or memoir. Along with our advertising campaigns we can easily help clients promote their work, services or products online.

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About Coastal Agency

A new agency established in 2021; over the year the agency grew into the organization it is today. With a new approach to marketing opportunities online and through digital communication, achieving new skills required for public relations services, our agency offers clients the chance to release their products through our publishing domain, known as Coastal Agency. We help you market your material online, with very little cost and efficient marketing strategies.

Discover Your Potential Today

Everyone has the ability to create new ideas and trends, with today’s digital world. We are capable of reaching a wide range of customers through ad campaigns that utilize social media or organizations like Google and Amazon, top media companies used by people worldwide. Coastal Agency is able to reach a variety of networks that guarantee success.

Contact Us

We are always available to anyone who is looking to release their unique material through products, novels or digital means such as online entertainment. Contact us today for more information and book your appointment with Coastal Agency today.

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Publishing Services Available

We now offer publishing services available to clients looking to get their material edited and published through our editorial services and publishing packages offered below. (**Must be ages 19 and over to make an appointment with our publishing department, advertising campaigns or any other services provided by Coastal Agency)

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Exclusive Deals Available Today

Coastal Agency now offers advertising services available for affordable prices and our ads extend worldwide. Our agency offers many unique packages for anyone looking to advertise their products, services or business.

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Basic Advertising Package

This basic package is efficient, affordable and offers clients the duration of a week (7 Days or 168 hours) long advertising campaign. This campaign utilizes and allows our clients to promote their products, services, etc. over a seven day period. Clients also have their choice of promoting within Canada, USA, UK and Spain. Check out our prices below.

Exclusive Premium Package Edited Image for Coastal Agency Advertising

Exclusive Advertising Premium Campaign

This Exclusive Advertising Premium Campaign offers a monthly advertising online that is affordable, effective and efficient. We extend our ads over a number of countries such as in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom & Spain. With this exclusive package, Coastal Agency is able to promote your product, services and business through many online marketing applications used by our team of consultants.

Premium Gold Package Advertising image for Coastal Agency

Premium Gold Advertising Campaign

Thos Premium Gold Advertising Campaign offers clients the chance to reach all customers through our all exclusive, 28 day (1 Month) package that guarantees you get feedback from advertising in all four countries such as USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Spain. Book your package now and reach a huge number of people on-line through digital advertising.

Coastal Agency

Editorial Services, Publishing & Advertising

Our agency are currently accepting clients looking for a agent to help them in publishing, advertising and public relations services. We are reliable , efficient and offer quality services to anyone looking for a agency dedicated to our clients. Contact us for for more information and set up your appointment today with our agency.

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