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Dr. Digital Philosophy is a online entertainment organization that specializes in blogging, spiritual development, tarot readings and other unique aspects of the mysterious phenomenon of life. Going beyond our everyday encounters and using our spiritual presence to find out who we truly are, as a whole. Dr. Digital Philosophy is a parent organization linked to a small sub-company called Coastal Agency. Coastal Agency is a publishing agency thay specializes in public relations, advertising and editorial services, wrapped up in a organization that puts it’s clients first and always. Coastal Agency also specializes in advertising services and promotional campaigns, sponsorship programs available soon.

This is all part of Dr. Digital Philosophy’s mission to provide our clients with quality products and services, that are available online. This gives our clients a unique opportunity to provide their own experiences and creativity with the world. Providing services and premium content that will allow clients over the age of 19 access to our newest features (Available Now). I will be offering a premium membership for $4.99/Month that allows you access to our premium content (must be 19 years old and older to join our premium membership due to adult content). The premium membership includes access to our digital online tarot readings, dream interpretation and access to our newest features and material.

My organization provides insight into philosophical ideas and perspectives that are important, even today. Using research and diversity into a wide range of topics, I intend to keep a online journal (or blog) of these topics and highlight them in detail to provide our subscribers with new content. Sign up for a premium membership today for only $4.99/month subscription and get access to our upcoming premium features.

Dr. Digital Philosophy

  • Oneiromancydream interpretation using dreams, psychology aspects and divination through the use of tarot. By using tarot cards and other resources, Dr. Digital Philosophy interprets dreams with accuracy and knowledge into perspectives which are highlighted within each dream. Check out my apace on Quora, known as Master Querent And Disciples; where I interpret dreams and other strange experiences.
  • Cannabis Cultivationcultivating cannabis plants using techniques found online, in books and by word of mouth. I plan to help others growers and find other enthusiasts who are interested in cultivating marijuana. We currently feature Digital Cannabis Art right here on Dr. Digital Philosophy. Check out our online Cannbis Cultivation space on Quora called: Coastal Cannabis (Available On Dr. Digital Philosophy Soon)
  • Spiritual Guide- through the use of wisdom, insight and guidance; by providing insight into the unknown. Through research, meditation and understanding, anyone can become familiar with their spirituality. Awaken your inner spirit or higher self and find out who you truly are. My blog will also highlight key factors of inner reflection and how to learn about ourselves using spirituality, meditation and other unique techniques for inner development of one’s self.
  • Master Querent And Disciples-Using the Rider Waite Tarot Deck by drawing cards and depiction of the images in each card drawn, Dr. Digital will give an interpretation into key areas within your life and highlight the importance of understanding each aspect in the card as well. Dr. Digital Philosophy maintains a Privacy Policy under appendix (d) of our Policy Procedure and Regulations to outline our Privacy Policy.

Life At Sea

Time To Move On By: Skinner J.Tyler So it’s now the summer of 2022 and I decided to do something different than I had the previous year before. Last year I decided to create my own website, a YouTube channel and a tiktok page, that allowed me to explore a new path where I could […]

The Waning Gibbous Moon

Disseminating Phase By: Skinner J.Tyler Today is June 17th, 2022; it is a Friday morning and we are now coming out of a full moon phase and heading into the waning moon cycle phase. Out thoughts have been heard, our wants and desires are accepted under the wanting of the full moon; with our intentions […]

The Waxing Scorpio

Waxing Moon Phase Of Scorpio By: Dr. Digital Philosophy All in the moment, everything changes like the phases of the moon. As soon as you think one phase has begun, it’s over and moving into the next phase. It is a cycle and something we are all use to, whether we realize it or not. […]

Journey Of The Querent

Journey Of The Querent by Skinner J.Tyler and published by Coastal Agency 2022

Digital Philosophy YouTube Channel

Holding The Key

There are many ways of looking into spiritual development and we hope to help you starting here. First off, maintaining a well balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables is important, along with daily exercise that can include walks, jogs or a hike; and maintaining daily rest along with alertness throughout the day. This can be achieved through first letting go of your ego, the center within you that needs approval, craves outstanding and focused only on the “ME”. Dissolution of the ego can be tough but sign up to Master Querent & Disciples to find out more about spiritual development and walking the all knowing path ahead with temperance, understanding and wealth.

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Master Querent & Disciples starts here for only $4.99/month; we are taking a new journey forward and offer key nites towards spiritual development and overall growth. Must be ages 19 and over to subscribe to Master Querent & Disciples. For more information click below.

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