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Card Of The Day

Each day there will be a new card drawn for interpretation and reflection into your spiritual self development.

Today’s Card:

The Lovers”

The Lovers Tarot Card By Rider-Waite Tarot Deck Edited by Dr  Digital Philosophy 2022

This card is number six in the Major Arcana and called the Lovers. We see a man and woman in the card with a God like figure above them. Much like the Devil Card, there is a man standing to the right (who represents Adam) and a woman to the left (representing Eve). Behind Eve is the Apple Tree and represents temptation and sexual drive within the feminine aspect of the lovers. Behind Adam is a tree and said to represent the tree of life, where knowledge and understanding resignes in the form of a burning bush. The twelve leaves we see is a complete consultation of the 12 Zodiac signs and along with six representing this card; 6×2 is 12. Where 6 represents the card of the tarot, 2 represents the male and female sexes of two and 12 representing the 12 months each year and the 12 Zodiac.

This card represents the bond between a male and female but can also represent the male and female duality in each and every one of us. Blessed by the spirit above, we are intertwined in romantic encounters between us and our loved ones. Expect companionship, romantic moments and finding love within yourself during this day. Your charge and romantic draw is of the essence made up by today.

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