Life At Sea

Time To Move On

By: Skinner J.Tyler

Ocean waves crossing the Cabot Strait from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia, Canada

So it’s now the summer of 2022 and I decided to do something different than I had the previous year before. Last year I decided to create my own website, a YouTube channel and a tiktok page, that allowed me to explore a new path where I could create new ideas and write. I enjoy writing and posting new images but I missed my time as a Sailor. I currently work as a deck hand on a ship known as the Algoma Mariner. I’ve been here before but seem to have forgot about the value of working at sea.

Canso Causeway Nova Scotia, Canada

The beauty of the scenery is breathtaking at times and seeing the world from a different perspective can be rewarding as well. I joined the ship a week ago and got some nice photographs that I wanted to share. The world is a beautiful place and I plan to see as much of it as I possibly can. Going from place to place, meeting new people and seeing familiar ones as well. It can be quite rewarding to say the least.

Quebec, Canada Scenery 2022

You see even though it is money that brought me back here (since we all need to earn our own way), there are other aspects to this job that caused my return. Getting out of my comfort zone and into a new adventure, during a new phase of my life; sailing into the sunset and looking for new opportunities that are present.

The job can be hard work but it is something I’ve enjoyed every since I started in 2008. Since then I’ve worked with the Canadian Coast Guard and worked with a shipping company that allows me to obtain monetary value to help aid me with my future endeavors.

Scenery in Quebec, Canada sunny sky at sea

One response to “Life At Sea”

  1. Good luck on this sailing adventure. I suspect you will likely have plenty of adventures to share about on the high seas. What are some place s you will be going?


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