The Waxing Scorpio

Waxing Moon Phase Of Scorpio

By: Dr. Digital Philosophy

Edited image of abstract blue and black colors by Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021-2022

All in the moment, everything changes like the phases of the moon. As soon as you think one phase has begun, it’s over and moving into the next phase. It is a cycle and something we are all use to, whether we realize it or not. We go through cycles, like the phases of the moon.

During this phase, with the moon being in Scorpio; we can expect to feel our emotions take form and meaning. A almost psychic nature will come into play as we feel the emotions of those around us and those close to us. Your emotions will also tend to be withdrawn, where you rather spend time alone and experience these emotions on your own. Too much of other people’s lives may tend to clog your thinking causing the withdraw from the crowd.

Edited black and white image by Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021-2022
Dr. Digital Philosophy

This will not be a day for visitors or getting out and about since your emotions can erupt at a moments notice. I find meditation techniques work during this period of the moon phase. Listening to some of your favorite music will also help or even going for a long walk, getting exercise and clearing your mind.

Edited image of blue and black colors in  abstract Photography by Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021-2022
Abstract & Digital 2022

The waxing moon phase is currently in Scorpio and moving towards a waxing gibbous as it comes out of the first quarter phase. It is a great time for growth and expressing your needs and wants under the waxing of the moon.

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We are still under the Mercury Retro-Shade and will be until June 18th but it is a great time for self reflection. I find using this time for meditation helps me focus my thoughts and figure out what’s important in my life and what needs to be left behind. We often get wrapped up in things, people and daily events; that we forget the negative impact certain aspects have towards us.

There are many great events coming up during this next week as we move into summer and get to explore the outdoors more. Breaking away from the spring and the new beginnings, we are now on our way to endeavor the beautiful season of life at it’s fullest. Flowers blossom, plants grow anew and trees develop more branches and leaves. The summer isn’t far off and we will soon get to enjoy the warm weather (depending on where you live).

The Star edited image of blue and black abstract Photography by Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021-2022

It’s been a few days since I’ve blogged and I find hot, sunny days to be the best opportunity to cut down on screen time. I get off the phone, computer and TV; to get outside and enjoy the magic of the day.

The last few days have been a good time to get out on the trails on the ATV and explore the new wonders of a new season. One night I decided to go for a midnight ride and it was one I was glad to take. I got to see the clear night with a waxing moon, full of stars; lighting up the night sky as nostalgia of a yesterday. A yesterday not long ago when I think about it, as I gaze at the nights wonder. The bright moon shines down upon me, it seems as if the trees and plants are alive and dancing as I move down the road.

Such as night to remember and one I won’t forget anytime soon. A great time to explore and get outside, so I put down my mobile and go on an adventure in my own backyard.

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