A Ending Of The Retrograde

The Mercury Retrograde Ends

By: Dr. Digital Philosophy
The Sun from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck Card number 19 edited  Dr. Digital Philosophy Images By Pamela Smith

It’s Been A While

So it’s been quite a while now since I’ve had the chance to write anything for my blog, my space on Quora or even my Twitter feed. I been so “blah” lately and although there are many things to blame, I choose not to blame anything but myself. My get up and go has been off for the last little bit or week (I should say), getting through the day by doing laundry, cooking dinner and maintaining the house work. Inspiration has been to a all time low but then today that changed.

I decided to try something different last night, breaking out of my comfort zone and going for a midnight ride on the ATV. It was fun, cold and quite the experience; seeing the stars in the sky as the crescent moon lit the night sky with it’s illumination divine. I was fascinated at what glorious scene of the night was right in my backyard and how I’ve missed it, is partly due to being stuck in a comfort zone and anxiety ridden doubt of what might go wrong; will go wrong.

I am alive though and happy to have made this experience for myself. It was exciting and although it was cold, I’m glad I was able to break free of fear and doubt, to go out into the night and see it for what it was.

Digital Mystic Image by Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021-2022 using dark colors
Digital Mystic 2021-2022

A Waxing Crescent

Today will be the end of the Mercury Retrograde and miscommunication or issues will others will dissolve into a remarkable cascade of dissolved energy. The Mercury Retrograde can be a long staggering course and tiring for most. So if you have been feeling drained, tired and just done with everything in the last month or so; this is why. The Mercury Retrograde is known to cause miscommunication with each other during this time, causing friendships to break down and be put to the test.

The ending of this Retrograde has come as a perfect time since we are now in a waxing moon. This is a great time to focus on what you want or what you need, to draw manifestation into your life. The waxing moon allows us to increase our needs and builds great new relationships, surroundings and our new image; increasing it’s ability as the moon grows over the next few phases.

Journey Of The Querent by Skinner J.Tyler 2021-2022
Digital Mystic by Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021-2022

So take this time to enjoy the upcoming months and all it holds for you. June is a great month to get outside and intertwine with nature and all it has of offer. The daytime is a great time to get out and enjoy that sun, while the night is a great time for sitting around a fire and reminiscing with others, building new friendships and rekindling old ones. It’s a new month and a new phase to enjoy.

Digital Mystic By Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021-2022

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