There’s Always A Book

The Story Of Us

By: Skinner J.Tyler

The book Dr. Digital Philosophy Image Edited 2021-2022

Isn’t it a wonderful day with the sun beating down, or the rain pouring instead of the snow? Maybe your reading this while looking at the snow, wondering what happened to sunshine. Or what happened to the rain for that matter?

Either way, it makes up a part of our daily routines and how we go about each day, based upon the weather. It may be due to the fact that it is one of the first things we notice when we get up and makes up our outlook of the day based on sun (for a good day) or rain (representing a sad day). It seems we are influenced by the smallest aspect of our lives through a small aspect like the weather.

We even have small talk where we talk about the weather to break ice with strangers or an old friend. It then comes in handy to have this simple part of our world, at the tip of our tongue to break the silence or make up the small talk we often encounter throughout our daily lives.

Edited image using applications and tools online by Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021-2022
Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021-2022

Then the thoughts come racing with their aspects of life and the mysterious qualities that question our very existence, to the core of everything. It seems that with this aspect of living, we have the ability to think about our perspectives, judge others without punishment and create chaos with the whisper of a word. Like a cannon roaring through the air, screaming it’s fury towards the end; killing all in it’s destruction and any it the way. It is unforgiving and without remorse, the cannon firing ever so greatly with roar.

Our words are a form of energy that cannot be seen or even used to move objects but the word holds great power, that can cause chaos through the stroke of a pen. It can wage war with a army built on propaganda and broken words which hold no glory for others, only listening to themselves. Firing the nouns and verbs like bullets that order and inspire through some twisted sense.

We are the ones who write these stories, find these books and re-write what we already know. This is where we can break free from obligation and rules (to some extent anyway) by yelling our judgement and justice over those we see as our lesser. It is said we are the lowest of the spiritual being that is able to cast true judgement on those lesser than us such as animals, plants and even other humans. It is this stage of development through our destiny that we learn the power foundation of casting and enduring.

Digital Tarot Art by Dr Digital Philosophy 2021-2022

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A Book It Reads

It seems at every point and level of consciousness though, there is a guide, or script that helps guide us into understanding the world and everything within it. A book is always available to teach and instruct us and we re-write it through our own interpretation, leaving a piece of our lives within the work itself, creating a unique look into ideas based upon those we previously learned from. It is a twisting road that holds many encounters to the very end.

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A learning process is something that is required in this game called life and experience can help you move further ahead. This way you help yourself and are then able to help those around you. The growth process and gaining experience is necessary to achieve results. Using positive energy for exercise, meditation and well-being, that is just as important as being healthy physically. Having a positive attitude towards life can help us maintain a positive outlook on it as well.

“As above, so below”

Even the recent Riverdale series on Netflix highlights how the importance of recreating a book becomes relatively important (even for a fictional show). I often find that the line between reality and fantasy can be blurred very easily. With the new digital age we are currently going through, it will soon be impossible to tell a hologram from a real person, the distinction between the two will become so blurred; it will cease to be processed as a distinction at all. It is inevitable as we dance to the tune of destiny and probability. Like Shiva dancing her chaos and destruction, what destroys the old often brings in the new; since it is nature, it is life and is the way of reality.

Dr. Digital Philosophy Edited Image using Cannabis plants Digital Cannabis Art 2021-2022

We are the realms of our own imagination in this era and we create our ideas very easily today since information is traveling faster than ever. Theough the use of internet, modem and high speed fibre optical cable, we can now process data at an extreme rate. It seems though the human mind cannot do this all on it’s own, rather it needs a little help from the digital world. Soon AI’s will be as real as you and me, learning and growing.

They make some people nervous and I can understand why this is. We humans are often afaird of what we hold dearly and that is privacy. We feat AI will always be listening and watching us (which isn’t much different from how we use technology now in the aspect of online privacy) but it is us who webshould fear. The human mind is complex and can sometimes lead to destruction with our worries and doubts. AI will not have this embrace but instead will be reasonable, capable and understanding of information that it receives and processes (very quickly I would like to add).

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