A Full Moon Void

Journey Of The Blood Moon 0500am

By: Dr. Digital Philosophy

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May 15th, 2022

The year of 2022 has been filled with many mysterious events. One phenomenon that is unfolding during May 15th-16th is the Blood Moon. The sun, moon and earth will align once again thos year for the second time, to create a blood moon total lunar eclipse. During this eclipse the moon will be full and this is a time when the moon will be closer to earth. The energy from this lunar eclipse will be felt and can cause an emotional impact with the moon being in Scorpio.

Feelings usually hidden and tucked away can erupt today at any moments notice and will cause a raw state of emotions. You may feel attuned to your emotions right now and will likely feel the emotions of others around you. It is now a time for understanding why you feel the way you do and while the moon is in Scorpio, you may feel sensitivity towards those around you.

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The Moon Phase Of Scorpio ♏

The moon takes on many phases over the course of a year and during each phase, the moon takes on a astrological sign that is in it’s reign for two and half days. Right now the reign of Scorpio is more powerful than ever since the phase is in a full moon. This is a good time for charging crystals, tarot decks and trinkets of significance. You can also charge yourself during the full moon by taking a moon bath while allowing the moon to shine on you while you bathe. This may be difficult to do of course and can be easily done through meditation techniques under the moon light. You will feel recharged and fully equipped to take on the New Blood Moon.

This is a time when emotions erupt and take on a explosive impulsive mature that has been building for quite some time. Our psychic nature may take on a tone during the reign of Scorpio, allowing us to use our intuitive skills to sense what’s going on around us. As I previously said before, this is a powerful Blood Moon that is in Scorpio’s region, so use this time wisely to recharge and refill your energy.

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The Lunar Eclipse

Today we will get to see a magnificent sight that is the Total Lunar Eclipse. It will be the second Eclipse seen this year and not the last since another one will he coming up soon. Over the years, philosophers, astrologers and scientists all over the world have recorded the lunar eclipse and accurately predicts the upcoming lunar eclipses that are rare but frequent during the year of 2022.

It has been a strange year with so many changes coming about. There is a war currently happening in Ukraine and opposing forces are that of Russia. There is much said on the media but most people know that the media cannot be trusted these days. There is flooding, volcanoes erupting and the launch of AI has taken on a whole new era that is 2022.

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Dr. Digital Philosophy

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