Full Moon Saturday

Moon Changing Course, New Books And More

By: Dr. Digital Philosophy
Digital Tarot Art Dr. Digital Philosophy Image
Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021-2022

Today is March 14th, 2022 and the full moon begins it’s phase. During this full moon, we are currently experiencing the Mercury Retrograde where mental health can break down and communication tends to become difficult. We will soon experience a midnight blood moon during this full moon phase.

During this time the moon is currently in Libra. The need to collaborate and make a contribution to your side of the story. Libra is represented by scales that show the need for balance and collaboration. It may be difficult to express your emotions during a time such as the full moon and the Mercury Retrograde. The need for collaboration is expressed here during a time such as this.

Digital Tarot Art From Dr. Digital Philosophy 2022

A need to socialize and get out around others will present itself during this phase. Seeking the opinion if others will be necessary to grow and being around others can help express your charm. The need to be appreciated during this time is very likely and may be written in the stars.

Today I experienced a beautiful day with the sun shining in one part of the sky, with the full moon looming in the other. I find this sight to be a spectacular sight and can be very appealing. It has been quite a day where I’ve been reading, studying and writing. It makes up the day and is something I enjoy. The book I have been reading is quite interesting as well.

Magic A Treatise on Natural Occultism by Manly P. Hall
Magic: A Treatise On Natural Occultism By: Manly P. Hall

Magic: A Treatise On Natural Occultism by Manly P. Hall is quite an interesting book that explores the world around nature and the occult. It is available on Amazon today for a low price of only $8.22/CAD and well worth the price. This book explores the world of abstract magic that is made up of substances that are within us. Our very spirit can be abstract and experiences the world of the unknown through phenomenon such as dreams, philosophy and meditation techniques. Magic: A Treatise On Natural Occultism by Manly P. Hall is inspiring and takes you on a ride that allows one to experience the unknown world of the occult.

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So get out and enjoy this full moon phase and all of it’s glory of the blood moon coming up tomorrow. It will be quite an experience and can be a great time for charging crystals, tarot decks and other unique trinkets that hold essence. The moon can help clear many objects of it’s negative energy and I find it helps charge tarot decks, almost like a reset that helps provide accurate readings when using the cards.

I recently started a space on Quora called Master Querent And Disciples. This space is related to dream interpretation and the dream phenomenon. I answer questions with symbols and representation of what each dream represents and post other peoples inquiries into interpretation or explanation on the dream phenomenon. It is mysterious and quite an important part of our lives, whether we realize it or not. Check out Master Querent & Disciples for more information about dream interpretation and the dream phenomenon at Quora.

I recently published a new book called: Journey Of The Querent” written by Skinner J.Tyler and published by Coastal Agency. Available on Amazon today for $13.04/CAD and includes a well written novel with amazing images, all in this book called Journey Of The Querent written by Skinner J.Tyler and published by Coastal Agency.

A book about perspectives and modern day times. How we view the world today in this digital age, in comparison to our history and other phenomenon that happens in our daily lives. This is all written and published along with images that were captured and edited by Skinner J.Tyler. Check out “Journey Of The Querentavailable on Amazon today.

Journey Of The Querent by Skinner J.Tyler and published by Coastal Agency 2022
Journey Of The Querent by Skinner J.Tyler and published by Coastal Agency 2022

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