Getting Ready To Grow Cannabis

Cannabis Environment Set Up

By: Dr. Digital Philosophy

Dr. Digital Philosophy Cannabis Plant White Widow Strain
White Widow Strain

After much anticipation and getting ready to bring in a new addition to my cannabis family, I am proud to introduce: Purple Kush Cannabis.

Today is May 13th, Friday the 13th, 2022 to be exact and although it is known to be a unlucky day, I embrace it by welcoming four new plants into my cannabis family. It is a good day for starting a new grow and with the full moon coming up, the root system will develop much more rapidly during that phase.

Cannabis Plants Purple Kush
Purple Kush Cannabis Strain 2022
OOWOLF LED 1200 WATT Grow Light Image

I recently purchased a new grow light on Amazon which I picked up today. It is 1200 watt LED OOWOLF light that came quite earlier than expected. I like this light and it seems durable since it is made of metal. It has three features that include spring, summer and fall lighting that simulates the sun during each season of the year (aside from winter since plants don’t grow so well during winter or not at all)

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Digital Cannabis Art 2022

Cannabis grow environment

Setting up the grow environment consists of securing the light above the plants, installing a fan that allows circulation of the ambient oxygen in the environment and a venting system that allows outside air to circulate the environment. The fan helps keep this air circulating. Keeping the fan directed at the plants allows for a Low-Stress-Training, that is a simulation of the outside environment where wind would be a stressful factor to the plants. This of course is what helps the plants grow and keeps pests away as well.

Dr. Digital Philosophy

Purple Kush Cannabis Strain
Cannabis Plant 2022

Purple Kush is the newest addition to my cannabis family and I am quite excited to have them. These cannabis plants are clones that have come from a mother plant. This ensures the seedling will be a female and is known to turn out better that some seeds (depending on genetics of course). The image above is one of the plants I am currently growing and hope to see positive results.

The Purple Kush strain is a indica strain and is well known for it’s relaxing qualities that it possess. This strain is believed to have descended from the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan. A popular strain in North America and has a purple tincture quality that can be seen upon observation of the plant.

White Widow Strain Cannabis Plant

The image to the left is a White Widow Strain and currently another grow I am working on. The plant turned out quite well during the flower stage and now on week 4. If the Purple Kush Strain turns out half as good as this one, I will be quite happy overall.

This is an image from today and I was quite surprised at what I found when caring for these girls today. I usually water plants, pruning what leaves are ready to come off and feeding the plants the required nutrients for that day.

Keep on mind that it is illegal to grow more than four cannabis plants in Canada and if anymore than four plants are grown, a license is required that ensures legal operation and regulations are met. I currently possess a license from Health Canada that ensures legal production (for myself only) is regulated and law biding. This license can easily obtained from Health Canada under the right terms and conditions.

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