The Mercury Retrograde Rx

The Return Of Mercury

By: Dr. Digital Philosophy
The mercury Retrograde Image for Dr Digital Philosophy Blog
The Mercury Retrograde 2022

During May 10th, 2022, the planet descended into a Mercury Retrograde where mental pursuits and communication breakdown. This is a period where new pursuits should be avoided for now and reflection on work already done is necessary in moving through the Mercury Retrograde. Try to focus on your own inner self and use meditation, time alone and reflect on yourself along with where you are headed in life.

The Mercury Retrograde is a time for inner focus and review of our lives along with where we are going. Are we headed in the right direction? Are our true intentions being heard?

Maintain positive thoughts and remind yourself that you are only trying and that’s all anyone can do. Positive thoughts will bring good intentions and good intentions bring true success. It will he difficult to get through this Mercury Retorgrade but once we do, we will continue to fulfill our true purpose in life.

It not a good time for making new decisions or taking on new projects since they will tend not to be fruitful during the Mercury Retrograde. Try to maintain your current thoughts and ideas by reviewing where you are in life and determine where you want to go. This will prove successful in the end if you maintain the vibe and focus on yourself.

Try not to worry about others during this phase of the Mercury Retrograde and focus on yourself for overall benefits that will come. Believe in yourself and your true path will come to you.

Mercury Retrograde Image using Digital Tarot Art 2022
Inner Reflection 2022

Ask yourself “Where am I going?”

This will help you see your path ahead and help you make the right decisions needed to move ahead. There is so much potential for you but only if you trust in nature and yourself, can you move forward with your process of getting your true desires along with your needs.

We all have the ability to manifest reality but only through using the right vibrations and energy, putting it in the right place, at the right time. This will bring success and everything we need. Since what we want and what we need, go hand in hand. We get what we need through the things we want.

Mercury Retrograde Rx Image 2022

So use this time to focus on what you truly desire and manifest your reality by reviewing where you are in life and where your going. The contrast between the two can break down what you truly want versus what you truly need.

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