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Digital Tarot Art

By: Dr. Digital Philosophy
Digital Tarot Art Available Today On Dr. Digital Philosophy
Digital Tarot Art 2022

Today is May 10th, 2022 and I am proud to announce a new feature available on Dr. Digital Philosophy today called “Digital Tarot Art. It is a feature I created by using images captured on the cards of a tarot deck from the “Rider-Waite Tarot Deck”. I always enjoyed images from this deck and decided to purchase one during last year in 2021 and glad I did.

I don’t regret buying it that is for sure and often use it when in need of reflecting or inner reflection while meditating. I often enjoy using mediation in my day to day routine since it has helped me while suffering from anxiety and depression. I find this technique very useful today since getting off the medication used for these mental illnesses.

Digital Tarot Art From Dr. Digital Philosophy
Digital Tarot Art 2022

Some days can be difficult when suffering from a mental illness such as depression or suffering from any disease for that matter. Some people out there are suffering much worst than me, I’m aware of that but it saddens me to know there is so much suffering in the world today and this is why I decided to feature new images captured during the course of these events.

While the world echoes war in Ukraine with Russia being the invading force behind the attack, I decided to try something new and escape the mass media broadcast of war. I don’t deny there is a war going on and innocent children getting killed but it’s sad to see this type of stuff happening in today’s world. Where innocent people suffer for the sake of war and I know there is more going on then anyone can begin to imagine but still, it makes me sad to see this brutal force used today.

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Digital Tarot Art Featuring A New Page

This is why I decided to do something else, to take my mind off the brutality going on in the world right now. It helps and Digital Tarot Art has been useful in highlighting the beauty that exist in the world and not all things are horrible and scary. These cards are a way of connecting with yourself and through development, understanding and research; anyone can use the tarot deck for development of spiritual understanding.

Whether you are looking for ways to understand yourself or the world around you, I hope Digital Tarot Art helps you see the beauty that exist in this world today. There is always so much happening and with the confusion in between, what do we do?

So check out our new page for more images edited by Dr. Digital Philosophy and check back for more to come soon.

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