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New Perspectives

By: Skinner J.Tyler
Digital Tarot Art by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021-2022

Today I thought about writing since I have been slacking a bit with posting daily blogs on my webpage. Mostly due to the fact I am currently working on my new novel that is going quite well so far. My cannabis plants are doing spectacular as well and growing up so fast.

I am currently in the process off writing up a few business plans and it’s been rather difficult. Not difficult in a since of doing it but finding the right way of writing it. I want it to work for me as well as the business and it’s been rather difficult.

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Today I try to take a new approach to doing things. I am currently doing courses online through Coursea. It’s been exciting learning new techniques and approaches to how to do things. I’m currently learning about philosophy, business and other ways of successfully growing my business, as well as myself.

Digital Tarot Art From Dr. Digital Philosophy 2022

Today I look at many areas of interest that include studying online, reading books that are educational and interesting and even cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes. It has all been insightful and fulfilling, using meditation throughout all of this to help with depression and anxiety.

Meditation has been a new way for me to focus on my thought process and work on my breathing. I use many types of techniques when it comes to meditating and first started with guided meditation to learn more about it. Today I often use music and try to focus on my breathing patterns and thoughts. It helps me throughout the day and I can deal with stress better than before, without the use of medication.

Dr Digital Philosophy Digital Tarot Art Available Today 2022
Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021-2022

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