Bright, Sunny Day

Starting Off: Omelet

By: Skinner J.Tyler

Digital Cannabis Art 2022
Dr Digital Philosophy May 6th, 2022

Today is May 6th, 2023 and I awaken to a bright sunny day with the sky being ever so blue. It’s a nice mild day but still a little cool since I am in Northern Canada on a island called Newfoundland. A island east of Nova Scotia and shaped like a dog, with a long tail sticking straight up it seems.

Starting the day with turning on the stove and preparing breakfast which is the most important meal of the day. I crack two eggs open into a bowl and start to stir while adding a pinch of salt. After mixing, I then add a tiny bit of milk and continue to stir, adding more milk as needed.

Once the pan is warmed up a bit, I then pour the egg mixture into the pan. Heating over medium heat I get cheese ready to add to the omlette. I almost forgot the pepper and remembered to add a dash of pepper before adding the cheese.

Capture during May 6th, 2022

What a day out there!

The sun is heaming down ever so bright and my omelet is well under way while I add the cheese. The cat comes out at this time and that’s the cue for tuna. I grab his dish and get some tuna as he crys, telling me he wants tuna but in a cat like “meow”. I give him a tiny bit of tuna and flip the omelet making sure it’s cooked evenly throughout.

Perfect and just in time to relax, sit back and enjoy a tasty meal. I was thinking about making it into a sandwich but chose the omelet instead. It was tasty and delicious as always since I often enjoy omelets lately.

Isn’t that the thing though? We get into things for s while and outgrow them; finding a new favorite. It is the way of life since everything changes and nothing stays complete or the same.

Digital Cannabis Art created by Dr  Digital Philosophy
Digital Cannabis Art 2022

Today is lit up with the rays of the sun and the rain has taken a break for now. Not all days can be rainy either I guess and although I enjoy rainy days, I enjoy sunny days even more. Who don’t?

The sun is rejuvenating, warm and lights the day with hope. The prosperity of everything accomplished is welcomed with gratitude and thanks during this time.

The moon is in it’s waxing phase and during this time usually gives way to new hope and new possibilities. Thinking of abundance and fulfillment will bring you to find these things but only if you truly desire them. Any insecurities or fears cause doubt and lay way for let down if not truly believed and understood.

The tree outside during May 6th 2022
The Tree Outside 2022

I finished my omelet and decided to start the day with some house cleaning while trying to figure out what’s for dinner. Isn’t that the way of it though? Just finished eating one meal and already thinking about the next. It is out of habit I guess or just something we all do when it comes to daily routines.

It is the way of life though since preparation and maintaining the normals of everyday life takes work. It comes from effort and dedication to the home life and what it means to truly have security which is not always something guaranteed.

Digital Cannabis Art 2022

Especially during these daring times in the world we currently live today.

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