What Is Philosophy?

A Way Of Thinking

By: Dr. Digital Philosophy

Digital Cannabis Art 2021-2022

What is philosophy?

I often wondered this many times over the years and often fall off the trail of actually sticking on that topic. We often do this with many things throughout our lives and daily encounters. Humans have a tendency to be curious and our minds often wander. Into a vortex of commemorative imagery and psychological factors that impact our everyday being.

The question still remains the same though. What is Philosophy?

O recently enrolled in a course online that highlights the key factors of what philosophy is. So far I gathered it is the idea of thinking about the way of thinking about things. Is it the right way? Is it through the right concepts? And what grounds give it credibility?

All important factors when studying philosophy but the key factor is this: philosophy is the way we think about things.

Waxing Moon May 2022

There are people who have taken time to consider this topic and have expressed their opinions and views. People like Aristotle and Socrates are some of the great minds you may of heard of since today there are memes everywhere with their famous quotes; that still hold merit even today.

Their minds helped shape the way we consider topics and opinions with truth. Since we cannot go forward with a realm or reality based on fiction and untruths; it would be absurd and thos isn’t hold our world works. We can see this hold true everyday since the sun always rises in the east and sets in the west.

It isn’t just a statement I am making but a fact since we can all look and see clearly, this observation isn’t just an observation but a fact. Of course, this world also has a way of checking our insecurities and beliefs with chaos. This could change everything we believe since we do live in a world where randomness, is a daily truth.

The Heirophant from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck 2021-2022

The tarot card above highlights a priest like figure and two men below holding sacrament to his holy trinity. Since the figure above and the two below make up a trinity; or triangle.

Journey Of The Querent by Skinner J.Tyler and published by Coastal Agency Available Today

The idea of thinking about things is often we fall into fantasy and forget our reality which can lead to despair, downfall or even regret. What holds true over time has stood the test of time because it has merit (reasonable fact that it remains and can be seen).

As I continue this course I seem to find out more about philosophy and how the idea of thinking about things becomes relevant in today’s culture (wherever you may be in the world that is). The culture we live in also plays a significant role on how we think about things since the world’s culture is so diverse in many areas. That is the beauty of it all though isn’t it? Different cultures and unique diversity that has it’s very own elegance that is theirs to represent and endowed upon their essence.

In conclusion the way we think about things are just as important as the things we think about with consideration to thay topic being useful to humanity. This is why Jesus Christ us remembered today and worshipped as the God he is; the truth is in the word. Where it comes from shows elegance in the word that is spoken and this is seen over and over from time and time again. It is our reality unfortunately and we can learn to live with the word or rebel against it; either way we live and breath our reality.

Digital Cannabis Art 2022
Digital Cannabis Art by Dr. Digital Philosophy 2022

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