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Coming Soon 2022

After much consideration and contemplation, I have decided to highlight the newest feature we will be presenting in the upcoming week. During this update for May 2022, Dr. Digital Philosophy will be adding many new features to the webpage. This is something new and will give our clients better access to our services via online video conference calls.

This new feature will be the highlight towards this organization and can help those looking for spiritual guidance. This will offer readings using tarot cards (Celtics Cross, Past Present and future, single card of the say and even dream interpretation), insight into the meaning of the card or sequence, in relation with other cards.

Tarot spread by Dr. Digital Philosophy

Here we have the eight of swords that depicts a woman tied up, surrounded by swords and blindfolded. Yet there no nd around her which means she can break free of the chains and move onward.

The number eight is a number which represents action and change, therefore allowing the querent the opportunity to break free but only if she removes the blindfold.

The knight of pentacles on the other hand looks outward at the scene. He doesn’t look down at his pentacle but pass it. This represents his pace, where the knight of swords leap into action; the knight of pentacles keeps looking ahead before leaping forward.

In the background there is a plowed field and work has been done. With skill and planning, the work becomes done with steady speed and preparation. The knight of pentacles doesn’t leap ahead like the fool but stands patiently; and earns the fruits of his skill with outlook and precision.

Edited candle peaceful image

Mystic Tarot Emporium will feature a tarot reading each day and offer personal readings via online video chat. For those who doesn’t prefer video, the video option do not have to be used. This allows clients the opportunity to benefit from receiving spiritual enlightenment from their own home and all at an affordable price.

Journey Of The Querent by Skinner J.Tyler and published by Coastal Agency

Master Querent And Disciples Image

Master Querent & Disciples available now for anyone looking for Tarot Readings through online services available when you sign up for $4.99/monthly.

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