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Reading Tarot Tips

By: Dr. Digital Philosophy
Project AI by Dr. Digital Philosophy Digital Tarot Art 2022
Project AI

So today I haven’t gotten around to writing many blogs or posting much on social media, but there is a reason. Today I have been working on my webpage and decided to do a complete overhaul for the month of May. And since May is here; the new webpage is up and running. Take a look around and see if there is anything you like about the new updated Dr. Digital Philosophy.

There are some new features but pretty much the same as before except this time we now offer Tarot Reading Sessions via Online Web Meetings. You can book yours today by going to the Master Querent And Disciples Page and subscribe to get access to tarot card readings right away.

From there you can access online tarot readings via WhatsApp online without having to leave your computer or phone, you can get a live reading today. Master Querent And Disciples allow anyone to access our Digital Tarot Readings (must be over the age of 19 to get a tarot reading).

Get a reading today for as low as $29.99/CAD and you will find the accuracy, ability and spiritual guidance; enlightening. Many people who I have done readings for, have taken it rough and others said it helped them see the truth. It can help you or burden you, depending on how you receive the interpretation and what the cards hold. You may be surprised from what you receive here.

Tarot Spread during earlier this year of 8 of wands and knight of pentacles

There are days when I don’t do readings due to the way I feel or due to knowing what I already know. The tarot cards can be blunt and upfront about current life situations, as well as your path ahead. The relationship between the past and future makes sense when you see what the tarot actually presents. It offers truth and can be accepted, to continue onward or be stuck in the same pattern over and over; never making progress with the journey.

It has a way of teaching us insight into our daily life and the events that make up our daily life. Through understanding and spiritual development, I can help anyone looking for access to our membership services available now on Master Querent And Disciples.

The Reflection by Skinner J.Tyler and uses the Rider Waite Tarot Deck for editing

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There are ways to understand our progress in life and Dr. Digital Philosophy is here to help, one step at a time and to anyone who is looking for spiritual insight into their daily life. Check out our sessions today and get your reading, without leaving your home. We do online readings for an affordable price at Master Querent And Disciples available today.

Digital Tarot Art--->Rider Waite Tarot deck used to create this image 2022

The knowledge and understanding gained from the Tarot can be useful when moving in the next direction. Although, abused too much and your cards may lose their magic and become ineffective. The best way to ensure cards stay within a clear deck is to:

  1. Clear Your Deck- through a small gesture, clearing your deck can be as simple as knocking on the cards before starting. Using a number you like, a spiritual number or even a random number of knocks. Anything to ensure it’s clarity and essence remains in your favor, since you want the tarot deck to be accurate when you’re reading.
  2. Charging Your Deck- if you feel your deck is off or not quite giving you a reliable reading, then try leaving the tarot deck in your widow cell; during a full moon. This will rid your deck of any negative energy and purify your cards. I usually do this for a period of 3 days where the cards receive the full amount of moonlight, during the whole time it is full. This clears the deck of any negative energy and restores it’s essence within the deck of cards and can be used again afterwards.
  3. Never Let Others Use Your Deck-whether their family, friends or colleagues; never let someone else use your tarot deck as their energy may become trapped within the deck. This is easy to get rid of but if it isn’t noticed, can play a negative role on receiving an accurate reading; when you choose to use the cards. If this does happen, just place the deck under a full moon to clear the energy trapped in the deck for a period of three days while the moon is full or during a waxing moon phase starting with the first crescent up until the moon is full. Recharging a deck is important when using tarot cards.

Dr Digital Philosophy Logo for Blog post

If you don’t have your own tarot cards and prefer to keep it that way, then let us help you get a accurate reading for an affordable price. We guarantee you that you will be impressed with the reading and can help you on spiritual development, as well as daily matters.

Visit our newest feature at Master Querent And Disciples to get access to our membership services and access your reading today. We are currently accepting calls for appointments via online (through WhatsApp). Book your appointment today.

Digital Philosophy- Experiment Phase Episode 7 Dr. DJ9 REMIXED

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