The Reflection Of The Nine

Of The Rider Waite Tarot Deck

By: Dr. Digital Philosophy

The stick in the field captured by Skinner J.Tyler 2022

The Reflection Of The Card

Today has started off quite interesting as most days do I guess. It’s a sunny day with the sky blue and not a cloud in the sky. I finished up some cleaning, folding laundry and preparing lunch before I try out my tarot reading for the day. Usally I draw a card for the day but do not do this every day as it is unnecessary to do so and not practical in doing so

Now today I did something a little different as I usually do. I have a tarot app on my phone that I use sometimes, especially when I don’t have my tarot deck with me. Today I decided to try the app out and see what my random tarot card was. Sometimes I do this to find out my digital card for the day along with my regular card that I draw from the tarot deck.

The Hermit card drawn on "Golden Tread Tarot" available on Google Play and Apple Istore
Golden Thread Tarot

Upon drawing this card, I listened to a book known as “78 Degrees To Wisdom” by Rachel Pollock and available on Amazon today. It has help guide me through the tarot process and is a informative book. When I first read “78 Degrees To Wisdom”, it made me want a tarot deck. I find Amazon has everything I’m looking for when it comes to shopping online and has helped me find my tarot deck as well since I use the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, also available online today at Amazon.

I never had a tarot deck prior to this book since I heard some scary things about the mysterious deck. Upon reading about tarot over the last few years, I found enough insight into the mysterious deck and felt comfortable getting my own. Now some say it is bad luck to buy your own deck but I find superstition to be a block and not a real reason to stop anyone from purchasing a tarot deck. Get your deck today on Amazon for a low, affordable price and shipped quickly.

The Reflection-->Digital Tarot Art from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck 2022

The Readings

With that being said, I’ve often experienced strange encounters with the deck itself and do not believe in coincidence. Saying that, unusual things seem to happen all the time. Today though, was very peculiar.

Earlier I may of mentioned that I do not use the Tarot Deck daily and this is due to the fact that I don’t usually rely on a deck of cards to go about my every moment during the day; but the last few days has been different. We recently had an eclipse which is the first eclipse for this one year. To me this is very unusual and with that happening, the last week has been very strange for me.

Not strange in a bad way but strange as in things have been working out for me and going as planned. I also notice these strange, symbolical details that makes me aware of the rhythm of the world. I go with the flow most days but these last few has caused me to rely on the tarot deck. Allowibg me to see key aspects of my life that may be useful to see and that is why I use the tarot.

The world card edited from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck
The world

Coincidence or Something More

I began listening to the book “Seventy-Eight Degrees To Wisdom” and I fond it insightful to understanding of what the card is presenting.

The Hermit card nine from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited 2022

In the Tarot Deck by Rider/Waite, it is card number nine and depicts a old man carrying a wooden staff and a lantern. He looks to be on a mountain, looking down at the world, alone and seeking knowledge. Learning about the world around him from his one perspective, turning inward to self-reflect.

It could also represent a teacher or guide of some kind that is meant to teach a lesson that needs to be learned and understood. This was very strange to say the least.

After finishing the description of The Hermit, I decided to try my actual tarot deck. I sometimes do this to compensate for a better understanding of what the card or visual of the card is telling me. The tarot had a way of using visuals very bluntly to explain our situation or current issues in our daily lives. I find this useful when reading the cards and figuring out what they say using a variety of books and online research available today.

Now The Hermit card usually means a teacher will appear with great skills and knowledge to teach his student. This doesn’t have to be a physical person either it can be a awakening from within. Your higher self calling you to become aware of spiritual development and understanding needed during this time. This could be through dreams or other subconscious ways of seeing true insight and seeking ture wisdom from within.

The Hermit card from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited by Dr Digital Philosophy 2022

The Hermit- Card Nine

So as I’m finishing up the book and the philosophical approach to understanding The Hermit from Rachel Pollock’s perspective. I decide to deal the cards and begin my reading. As I deal the cards and split the deck, I finish the Audiable interpretation for the number nine card.

I start dealing the cards, when all of a sudden; a card flies out of the deck. Usually I never use this card and put it back in the deck. Recently, I’ve found out this is the wrong way of doing a tarot reading and if a card flies out of the deck, it should be reflected upon; since it’s significance is relatively important.

I decide to start this practice today and turn the card over to reveal, The Hermit; my original card of the day. It holds significance for me since my number is the number nine. The card is a reflection of who I am and what I am becoming but this isn’t being egotistical; rather than boast, I intend to gain more insight and knowledge about the world around me. Through understanding and reflection, I try to see things in a different perspective that helps me grow as a person daily.

After all; “There is much mystery in the world, that fantasy and fiction couldn’t find if it looked everywhere; except where it it is; in the world”.

The Reflection-- Digital Tarot Art from the rider waite tarot deck

Digital Tarot Art Dr. Digital Philosophy 2022

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