Tarot Story

The Cards In Their Wake

By: Master Querent And Disciples
Tarot card spread from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck 2022
Tarot Story Told

Chapter 1- The Five Of Swords

The day starts off like no other, with the swift movement of victory, while taking on the past encounter of what was done to achieve such victory; may arise. The man in the five of swords, is holding a sword to the ground, two rested on his shoulder and the other two lay down on the ground.

Victory may have been achieved but at what costs? Two other people barely get away in this card but move so quickly away from this man, they rather go without their swords. Absolute power is not something to be taken for granted though and the five of swords is one of the most negative cards within the deck. A long battle was fought and although ultimate victory has been achieved their has been many costs to all sides, with some barely escaping with their life.

Tarot spread from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Chapter 2- The Hermit

After years of fighting, the querent decides to withdraw from society and seek wisdom instead. Of course, the man he has become has caused him to become more isolated. His characteristics that make up some of his best qualities are working against him, causing him to lose his way. He has become trapped in a vortex of his sanctuary and cannot remain stuck in such a loop. He must move on to achieve overall understanding and success or remained trapped in his own hell.

The five of swords has caused the querent to see that his past victory was all for nothing when moving into the current reality. His lost has now become his suffering and within this state of mind. His understanding and focus has become cloudy and blurry, to the point he cannot see ahead of that which is already in front of him. His seeking of insight has been blinded due to the past victory he achieved.

Alone, lost and Isolated. Even in the picture below, we cannot see the hermits head is lost. The Hermit has taken the time for spiritual growth and prosperity even though he lost his way. He is mixed up in the wrong path and his mind has become obscured with all the wrong teaching and insight. He needs to move on with a better understanding.

Edited image of candle and scent burner tree of life 2022
The tree of life 2022

There is always a need for soul searching after coming to a conclusion: that much like the world card; what goes down must come up. The wheel if fortune also highlights this same cycle, since we rotate from high to low, with obscured images highlighting the card. Some days are better and some days are worst, the querent moves on and stays positive for the outcome before him. He doesn’t know what he will find but moves on anyway.

It is inevitable.

Chapter 3- The Standing Man

Edited Tarot Spread from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck 2022

The querent has been on quite a journey, where he learned that victory at all costs can affect his ability to reach all areas of opportunity later down the road. As the cliche goes, “Don’t burn any bridges”, since things have a way of coming back in the end. Some call this karma but it is energy being moved and shuffled; like the very tarot deck itself. The shuffle is what makes the journey possible and moving forward is part of the experience we call life.

Looking forward, there is a man who stands still with a shovel in his hand. He is the querent and now seeks earthly pleasures by fulfilling the work himself. Using patientence and dedication to fulfill his harvest he seems to have earned the fruits of his labor through hard work. His work has come to prosper and grow into material gains through spirituality and understanding.

Even though he has come through a difficult situation, he has made the best out if the overall concept. His true victory lays within his hands as a shovel, his harvest had produced quite a nice harvest; showing the seven pentacles that represents adventure or the journey. The seven can represent exploration in seeking earthly gain and necessary materials to survive. This is seen here in the seven of pentacles.

In the end there is only reward for the querent, since his difficult endeavors at first caused him much pain and suffering; his current outcome was a lesson learned over a period of time. To get where he is, growing and developing, as he went on as The Hermit reversed and lost his way after the devastating victory that costs him lost in the end, leaving no room for allies or partners in the victory.

Tarot Card Sequence From The Rider Waite Tarot Deck 2022

The man now stands still after a long harvest and even though he lost his way, he has found material gain in the end. It may have cost him many allies and friends but he his dedication and hard work had paid off at the end of the journey. He is able to reap his rewards but at the cost of hard work and dedication, he reaps his reward.

The path was long and the road was hard, with difficulties during each turn. What started as a defeated battle, turned out to be material gained but at what costs? How many allies and friends have the querent lost due to the ongoing battle?

We all go through a daily battle that is known as life and it helps us grow into the individuals we are. The Tarot Cards can tell us a story that lays out our life and all it’s endeavors. The cards are blunt and portraying a message to the querent is it’s ultimate goal. Doing this through the Major and Minor Arcana, we can all relate to the journey of life and what is written in the stars.

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