Digital Cannabis Art

New Photography

By: Dr. Digital Philosophy
Digital Cannabis Art 2021-2022 by Dr Digital Philosophy
Digital Edit-Digital Cannabis Art 2021-2022

Tonight I thought I would feature some images from my newest idea, known as Digital Cannabis Art”. It is something I enjoy working on and hope to keep posting the images online. Here are more images edited by me, Dr. Digital Philosophy.

I will be adding more images each day, that highlight my cannabis cultivation project. As the plants develop and grow over time, I will capture images and edit them to create a unique aspect known as Digital Cannabis Art. This is a new feature that I decided would contribute to the overall experience of Dr. Digital Philosophy and help portray who I am as a writer, designer and artist. Thos has allowed me to express myself as an artist and continue onward with my philosophy of life, using images, digital art and cultivating cannabis plants.

Digital Art

Digital Cannabis Art by Dr Digital Philosophy
The Beginning Of Life- Digital Cannabis Art

Here are some more images of Digital Cannabis Art, created by Dr. Digital Philosophy during May 2022. This is new and so far I am enjoying the feature. Let me know what you think of these images on the comments. Here are a few more images I thought I would add:

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Digital Philosophy- Digital Cannabis Art 2021-2022
Ruined Image Digital Cannabis Art 2022

Hope you enjoy these images and there will be more on way. I am creating new edited images all the time by using captures of cannabis plants that are growing great. Then using a variety of photo editors, I manipulate the design of the photo to create a interesting image that is pleasing to the eye. A variety of colors are used in some of these images, contrast and brightness usually adjusted to get the right look.

These are just a few of many imaeges created by Dr. Digital Philosophy over the past few weeks. I will be taking more photos over the next few days and hope to have a variety of cannabis strains that will feature new looks, edited to the new look of Digital Cannabis Art.

It is a new month with today being May 1st, 2022 at 0202am and the night being a bliss. With the night sky being clear and dark, it is easy to tell a new moon is here. A new phase in our lives that allows for new beginnings and pathways to doors, not yet experienced. We have the ability to go further and become more than we are. Using art, culture and techniques learned over rhe years, we develop unique ideas using these techniques. Check ✔ out the Digital Cannabis Art page for more images and check ✔ out our new feature know as Digital Tarot Art with images edited while capturing photographs from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Digital Cannabis Art 2021-2022

So far I have been able to create some amazing images over the past few months and using my webpage, I have been able to portray these images, for everyone to see. I also present these images on social applications such as Instagram, Snapchat and Quora. Allowi g a wide range of people to see these images. Using my own skills in cultivating and taking pictures, I am able to create a complexity that is unique and authentic.

So check back for updates and images that are new and added frequently over the next few months. I will be featuring new images and creating unique ideas with these images. Subscribe below and get updates sent right to your email.

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