The Tides

The Eclipse Upon The Sky

By: Skinner J.Tyler

This year has been quite a struggle where we are not sure how we can make it work. With inflation rising and costing many people extra money in every area of commerce, as well as gas and other items. We race around our mundane lives as those suffer elsewhere in other places of the world.

The war goes on in Ukraine. I pay no mind to the mass media, nor their propaganda they try to sale the world while innocent children and women are murdered, gunned down in the streets and made to face the tides of war without choice or decision. China has been sending out some scary videos with talks of short food supply, lockdowns and violence gripping a nation of people who didn’t ask for this mess we are all in. Is chaos truly where we are descending?

We may look like individuals and we are but we are a united world, who shouldn’t allow forces to corrupt and murder in our streets. When World War 2 broke out, Hitler’s right hand man, Joseph Gorbbels; was able to produce massive amounts of propaganda that made the Nazi’s seem invincible. Their Blitzkrieg attacks seemed to wipe cities out in no time at all, usually attacked quickly from above using fighter planes, then moving in quickly with tanks. Meanwhile, the soldiers would follow behind to capture citizens and rape women. The Nazi War Machine was ruthless.

The tree outside edited 2022

Tomorrow will be a huge event with the main planetary alignment of the year, taking place between 130 PST and around 430 ALT (roughly). During this alignment, there will be a breakthrough for those putting in the extra work, trying hard to follow that dream. We will find ourselves lonely and longing for social encounters and you will find it during this new phase we are moving into.

Be ready for this one, as I hear and notice alot of powerful energy in the air lately. The last month has been a total sadness for all of us. This is where everyone I talked to was feeling down or sick. Not sick with the flu or anything on that level but sick of being alone, sick of wearing a mask and sick of the fear that is filling our minds with oppression.

My buddy mentioned to me not long ago about his battle with depression. He suffers from the mental illness and talked with me since I have been open about my struggle with mental illness and depression. He told me how he felt empty and hollow, as if nothing was left for him. This is what is gripping our society unfortunately. Fear and self-loathing are ever pending on our state of minds during the chaos of this world.

He asked me, “Have you ever noticed, everything on television these days are dark, twisted and cold?”

I agreed with him immediately, smiling and saying to him that I no longer watch television. Sure I watch YouTube, maybe some comedy show here and there but rarely binge watch anything anymore due to it’s harmful effects that it causes over a long period of time. Tiktok can be fun; in moderation of course. I often avoid it all together since it is sometimes too much and useless for information of any real credibility.

Who can sit with a phone for hours a day, flicking through Tiktok; watching useless nonsense and entertainment galore? I’m sure there are some who can of course but ut can’t be good for ones mindbin terms if learning or making any true sense of enlightenment.

Digital Cannabis Art 2022 Image

This world has so much to offer us and we sometimes forget to give anything back. We throw out our garbage like we own the place, cut down trees to make money and expect to breath (reference to a 2Pac hit I’m sure). There is air that the plants produce and although it helps us breath and keeps us alive, does not give us the right to say “It’s ours anyway, because we need it”.

Their is tension in this world and it is not between countries. It is between the bad, with all their lies and propaganda. Making money off of war, the everlasting War Machine must keep moving on and will devour any that stands in it’s tracks. As it always has and will continue to do so if we do not stop fighting and killing one another. This is the time to love one another and come together, not fall apart.

There is too much hate and disregard for people’s lives today and if that doesn’t change, we are less than a memory; of a species that was just passing through. If we keep going that is.

Black and white Temperance card from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck 2021-2022 edited by Dr Digital Philosophy

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