A New Journey

The Beginning Of Life

Digital Philosophy Art 2021-2022
Dr. Digital Philosophy Digital Art 2021-2022
By: Skinner J.Tyler April 30th, 2022; Saturday 1010

Chapter 1

Tonight I feel the warm embrace of the world around me. The day was warm, as the sunlight poured it’s rays down upon me through the window. The smell of the air was accompanied by the feeling of new beginnings and opportunities that can come with positive attitude and letting things happen the way they should. Willingness to let go of the past and things that didn’t work or seem to last. By moving on we become better and learn the lesson of our encounter, if you want to that is.

Sometimes we have to learn the hard way by going through that obstacle again and again. Until we are able to set a standard that works for us and those around us; how can we ever find peace? Peace within ourselves to grow as a person, learning to love ourselves before we can love those around us. Learning about life all at the same time and yet it seems obscured and obscene if you look at it.

We sometimes take for granted that there is a world of possibilities out there and sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone to get there. I remember the first time I went away to work on the ships on the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway, working on bulk carrier ships that sailed all over Southern Canada and Northern USA. Going from Chicago, Illinois to Windsor, Ontario was always one of my favorite jobs during the year of 2010. It was difficult stepping out of my comfort zone but I had to do it to get by and make a life for myself. It was hard at first but a good year in the end and I was even able to buy my first car that year as well.

Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase before a full moon edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during 2021-2022
Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase 2022

Chapter 2

So a new journey was a great way of finding out who I was as a person and as I traveled more, I met more people. The more I met, the more I came to understand a small part of myself. Learning from others and their experiences can reflect ourselves lack of or experience with their knowledge. It’s all part of growing and developing ourselves throughout our life time.

There were some people I become friends with and they inspired me to become who I am today. Great people can have a positive influence on our outcomes in life. Success can be great but getting there is the adventure, the journey and the overall development of our we turn out in life.

I also find living in the moment and not worrying about the past seems to be beneficial but not always easy to do. No matter how much we try to understand ourselves and our past, sometimes we have to accept it and move on. That’s what we so in the present moment is move by in the best manner we can through development and understanding.

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Chapter 3

Finding a hobby has always been something I do to help me get through the day as well. When I was younger, I would play guitar (both acoustic and electric) as an hobby but grew out of it. By the time I was in high school I was playing in a band that got a few gigs here and there that helped me and the band find interest in music. It was some of the best moments of my life that I can remember and it was a good time overall.

Today I still enjoy playing guitar but barely play it since I have other hobbies that keep me occupied such as this blog. Another one of my hobbies would be growing cannabis indoors and I tend to enjoy spending time with my plants and investing in more products that help me grow other plants over time. Wrapped up in the moment where I am just me, in the present moment; enjoying the manifested destiny I have created and with the help of so many other people.

It has become a daily ritual to spend time cultivating my plants along with prospective new grounds being made in growing as a person, as well as a entrepreneur who is new and learning new things along the way. The new moon will allow me to manifest a new journey now that comes with anticipation and hard work. I hope it turns out and with faith, it usually does. I can only hope for the best and keep going forward, while maintaining the present moment and keeping my goal in mind. That’s the key to it all I guess when it comes right down to it but one can only wonder.

Digital Cannabis Art 2021-2022 by Dr Digital Philosophy
Chapter 3 Image

Chapter 4

Development of a new approach and learning how to be successful is a path to not take lightly. We can develop new ways of innovation or find news ways to grow financially and successfully; while taking on this new adventure. I have found enrolling in online courses to help me develop new skills required for developing a new business.

Learning new things along the way becomes important since we can always learn something new. With new approaches one must develop strategies and do the research needed to get ahead. Understanding the material that is being learned as well as working in that source with the information being used. This makes the quality of the material important as well as the quantity.

The End

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