Quality In Heaven

The Value Of Everything

By: Skinner J.Tyler

Digital Cannabis Art 2021-2022 edited by Dr Digital Philosophy
The Digital Monster (Digital Cannabis Art)

Good morning everyone and thanks for checking out Dr. Digital Philosophy today since I have quite a interesting article here today. I thought I would share a poem with you all and introduce you to my new editing style; “Digital Cannabis Art. Digital Art is not new but more retro these days and I want to express my perspective towards the digital world of imagery and design.

The Memory Of Judgement

“I opened my eyes, still dry and barely could I see; there he was standing, looking directly at me”

It must be a dream, I said over and over again; I didn’t wake up, it was about to be begin”

I remember, I kept thinking, why do I always come here; back at the final gates, while St. Peter glared”

Skinner J.Tyler 2022

Digital Cannabis Art by Dr Digital Philosophy during 2021-2022
Madness Catastrophe Explicit (Digital Cannabis Art)

What I do is take photos of my cannabis plants (that is currently starting it’s second week of the flower cycle) during all stages of the cannabis growth process. I always enjoyed taking pictures since a very young age. Today, I take pictures of cannabis plants which I find therapeutic and comforting; for me and the plants. It is a way of mediation with another type of life thay we call plants. Plants though, are also alive and go through a process of living called photosynthesis.

Digital Cannabis Art by Dr Digital Philosophy during 2021-2022
The Astronaut Plant (Digital Cannabis Art)

I later started messing around with editing applications, changing the overall look of each photo and suddenly noticed something I haven’t before. The plants looked amazing for editing and using tools to create these Digital Cannabis Art images and they are comforting to me. I like to share anything I do these days on-line, with my blog. It is part of my idea to keep a journal, which later turned into keeping a blog but not knowing how to make a website was beyond me.

Today it is a possibility and reality since I now write blogs and create unique features that will highlight what Dr. Digital Philosophy is all about. The thing is though…..

I’m just getting started.

I started looking into ways in which I could use an editing application found on iPhone Apple Store or Google Play for Android. I then decided to use one of my niche website designs and get started on building my first prototype blogging webapge. There are many applications out there and many can be used to create your very own webpage and design it the way you want.

Digital Cannabis Art 2021-2022 by Dr Digital Philosophy
Cryptic Spider AI (Digital Cannabis Art)

These images turned out to be a bit more scary than I could of ever imagined. I am going to highlight them for you herein this blog as a highlight of our new features coming over the next year.

There are more updated images of Digital Cannabis Art daily and will be frequently updated with new images captured throughout this project known as Digital Cannabis Art. A new approach to editing original captured photographs of the White Widow strain (cannabis or marijuana) and creating a new perspective; highlighting details and textures within the plant itself.

Digital Cannabis Art 2021-2022
Digital Cannabis Art 2022 Pink Cat

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Digital Cannabis Art 2021-2022 by Dr Digital Philosophy during 2021-2022
The AI Virus (Digital Cannabis Art)

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