Dimension To The World

The Sun, Moon And Stars

By: Skinner J.Tyler

Digital Cannabis Art 2021-2022
A New Day 2022

Another New Day:

I wake up today and find bliss in the world around me. Thankful for everything I am and everything I do. There are many people out there who are having difficulty finding the right path but upon exploration, anyone can find true happiness from within and truly understand who we are as individuals, as well as a whole. That’s right, anyone can make up their mind to move forward in pursuit of true love for one’s self and those around them. But thinking about others and ourselves before acting is important too.

Especially the people they surround themselves with since those around you, make up who you are. There are sometimes people who do not have your best interests at heart, so it is good to be cautious when choosing who you hang out with or associate with in pursuit of a inner reflection of one’s true identity of self.

Otherwise you may find yourself drained and not able to focus on yourself or your own energy. Always depleted of those around you infecting your space with their negative vibrations or vibes. This is important for maintaining a healthy quality lifestyle while maintaining a healthy diet with lots of exercise. This helps keep the bodies mind and focus in balance with one another that will cause synchronization within our very essence of who we truly are.

Digital Cannabis Art 2021-2022
The New Sun 2022

The New Sun:

It’s a new sunny day and a nice day to go for a walk outside, check my plants and get back to nature today. I often speak of growing cannabis and find it therapeutic and relaxing. It is a new hobby I am glad to have started since it has become part of my everyday life.

My recent highlight, known as Digital Cannabis Art; reflects the details in a plant while growing over a short period of time. I decided a while back to capture photographs of these beautiful plants and upon editing the images, I found something else in the details of each capture. Beautifully designed to provide inspiration and reflection into our own lives as creatures all joined together as a whole, Digital Cannabis Art highlights some key aspects to photo editing during our current time of the digital age.

Digital Cannabis Art 2022 by Dr. Digital Philosophy

The joy felt from watching something grow from a seed to maturity is overwhelming to say the least. You never know what to expect but with proper care and measurements, anyone can give it a try. And if not cannabis, why not tomatoes or strawberries anything that grows can be a hobby to anyone interested in cultivation. There are many types of plants out there along with fruits and vegetables, which can be grown at home. Cultivating nature is a tradition we all know and perceive but how often do we get our hands dirty from planting seeds in the ground?

When I first started growing these magnificent plants, I begin reading online and throughout books that detailed ways of successfully growing cannabis. I also found online videos to be a great help with YouTube having a wide network of people growing cannabis today and are happy to share their experiences . I will one day feature a glimpse of growing on our YouTube channel. Featuring how to grow cannabis and what key factors play a part when growing indoors. (I recently removed most of these videos due to content structure but hope to post more videos soon about cannbis growing).

I often write about growing cannabis but often there are times when videos can be helpful along with books, to explain things in more detail. Giving a clear projection of what your looking for when cultivating cannabis plants. The needs and parameters of each stage are to be considered very carefully and monitored daily in order to maintain these plants. This will help cannabis thrive while cultivating indoors and get the best possible yield if all the parameters are met.

I am currently growing the white widow strain and read many times that it is a difficult strain to work with. I have enjoyed growing the white widow strain and hope to grow her again soon. My current plants are in the flower stage and almost ready to he harvested. I look forward to the whole process of cultivating marijuana and hope to be planting other strains of cannabis plants soon.

Moving On:

Cannabis Plants edited by Dr Digital Philosophy 2021-2022
Cannabis Plants Growing During 2022

Today I find my plants growing very nicely and the buds are forming quite well. I water them as needed and mixed in the nutrients to make a mixture for feeding time (fixed for each plant during a certain day of the week). I find feeding each plant once every three days to be a good rotation and have worked out great so far. This saves from over feeding and allows proper use of the nutrients that help with growing, developing and producing buds in the overall development of growing (flower stage).

Abother key factor in growing and may be one of the most important parts of growing, is a good lighting system that can supply enough lumens of light to each part of the plant. The plant likes the right amount of light and the right amount of darkness. So having reflective material inside a grow environment is key and top priority when starting out. This allows every part of the cannbis plant to receive the right amounts of light for bud development.

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Having the environment light leak proof is important since we don’t want any light getting into the grow environment that leaks light into the grow tent or space, while it is suppose to be in darkness and producing flowers. Complete darkness is required for this stage to complete properly.

Producing quality buds over the next few months is a key factor in growing marijuana and access to medical cannabis helps many today in Canada for many health reasons. The plants (White Widow) are now on week two of the flower stage and coming along quite well. I will be posting more in the upcoming weeks and will feature new grows starting up soon so chelc back for more.

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Digital Cannabis Art 2022
Cannbis Plant (White Widow)

Growing inside allows you to control the environment these plants are grown on, right to the detail of humidity and temperature. Keeping a close eye on these proximity values are important to maintain a livable environment for the plants so they can thrive, breathe and flourish.

Right now the sun is getting brighter outside but inside the tent we want to make it feel more like fall so that is why the light spectrum looks different in the image above. It is fall light spectrum that helps the plants bloom efficiently and effectively, allowing proper buds to form over the upcoming weeks.

Digital Cannabis Art 2021-2022
Digital Cannabis Art by Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021-2022

Digital Cannabis Art 2021-2022
Digital Cannabis Art 2021-2022

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