The Veiled Tarot Road

Past, Present & Future

By: Master Querent & Disciples
Digital Cannabis Art by Dr Digital Philosophy during 2021-2022
Digital Cannabis Art 2021-2022

We think of our time as moving forward, from a particular moment in time we call the past. Which means our present moment is always torn between a constant battle of our past, along with the thought of our future (and no doubt this is true).”

We like to think it’s linear but not everything is linear within this galaxy. The human species like to think it can understand and maintain control by manipulated means of using their own ignorance, their own fears and insecurities; under the name of order.”

–Just a Thought

The Hermit, the seven of pentacles and Temperance from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited by Dr Digital Philosophy 2021-2022
Tarot Story
The Past Tarot

The first card of the sequence is the number nine card, know as the hermit. This card came up reversed and the hermit has now most his way into the rabbit hole, dismissing his friends, family and people around him. He has closed off the world outside in order to understand himself from within.

This card represents a teacher of great knowledge coming into our lives right now and may even be our inner self. For me it is a representation of my ability to use Oneiromancy and through unknown abilities, find my subconscious mind and learn to work with it; instead of against it.

The veil of tarot edited image Digital Cannabis Art 2021-2022

I have been away from work for far too long now and struggle to make the right move that leads me to a better understanding of myself within and understanding the world around me.

The Present Prison

That is when the seven of pentacles was turned to reveal the hard work and dedication has paid off. So even though the process of finding my inner being and retreating from socializing with anyone, to be with myself.

I do not have a full time job as I did before, working for nothing and never getting ahead. The whole system J began to see was slowly cutting our wages, all over the world; while inflation goes up. This is not practical conditions for someone to live their life, while being told they are free and they are happy.

Although, if we do not provide a contribution towards the overall nature of the system; or society, we begin to understand the grief of that system and yet we have to maintain a paying job. Like the man in the seven of pentacles, he is resting to admire his hard work being manifested into worth.

He doesn’t seem happy or excited to be there but the revealing pentacles show the importance of contribution. He continues to contribute to every part of society, since without such grounding and monetary systems would be chaotic as they where many years ago.

He is capable of working and has to earn a way to keep a shelter, food and his ability to continue earning. This maintains a balanced lifestyle between the earthly word and the spiritual. Our thoughts can fool us at times and cause us to lose our ability to balance, shaking our very own foundation to a breaking point that has become clear.

The Future And The Guardian Of Temperance


Balance of the inner self with the outer body, that keeps us maintained when properly done. Through gaining knowledge, exercise and mediation, with a healthy meal; the body can flourish with the mind but only in harmony.

Temperance holds two cups and steps with one foot in the water, while the other foot is on land. This representation is a clear one that highlights the one who seeks harmony, should maintain balance between the material world and the spiritual realm. This can also reflect how the beginning card (#9 The Hermit Reversed); reflected isolation with a great teacher but when to much focus is on the mind, then they become only thoughts.

The Temperance Card From the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2021-2022
Temperance: Maintaining Balance, Becoming Harmonious and Manifesting Powers 2022

The key to balance is by speaking the word of truth which will align with our actions and outside world. The outside world is a vast ocean or many dangers, many jewels and riches but we are the vessel of a body, sailing through a massive universe with man and woman alike; having the ability to speak the word.

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We cannot just say things or write things, without speaking the word. Once the word becomes action and is experienced and understood; then we are enlighten because we then see what others cannot. Past the veil of reality while being aligned with it’s real.

It is easy to lose balance when dealing with one aspect in comparison with another but is necessary to understand that differences should not cause hate or belittling. No, it should cause debate between the two difference. It is there you will begin to see perspectives of what you couldn’t before.

It is here where we begin to see from others perspectives and truly understand unity, love and compassion for all beings around us. Remember though; do not get lost in the rabbit hole since the farther you go, the less likely you are of coming back.

While this reading was intended for me, I do believe there are some who will read this and realize they may have had a similar experience but when using any type of divinity or divination, study everything about it.

Practicing spells, divination readings and many types of spiritual magic, can be dangerous. Many may not believe such spells or incarnation, with divination is possible. Then this is where many make the mistake of practicing witchcraft, or any other type of ritual; without the proper knowledge and understanding. It is here that one can lose his or hers mind, due to opening up some spiritual realm that will allow entities, demons and all of the abyss through if you allow it.”

“In conclusion, before working with any type of ritual, spells or divination; I would recommend reading up on as much material as you can since it is not easy to get rid of evil spirits, poltergeist or demons once they access our minds or worlds. Many people have made this mistake by dwelling in areas of dark magic where we had no idea about or didn’t believe it but quickly experienced something unexplainable in your environment that will scare you, use fear to traumatized you and you will quickly see why no one should practice anything like this if you don’t have the proper mindset or understanding.”

“And if you don’t believe this then you are on the wrong path and should seek your own adventure because this isn’t for you right now. Those of you who are here, welcome to a new age of awakening “

-Tarot Warning Intended 2022
Tarot reading for past present and future by using the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2021-2022
The Reading Has Ended

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