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By:Dr. Digital Philosophy
Digital Art Purple Plant Edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during 2021-2022
Digital Art 2021-2022

This morning I have been looking through some edited images I recently worked on. I enjoy taking pictures and later using editor applications to enhance the quality of the image. With these images, I used regular captures of my Cannabis plants and used a editor to create a abstract design of the original image. It has helped me create images and blogs for my webpage, as well as social media share.

Cannabis plants during the flower stage Original Photography by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Cannabis Plant 2022

Here is one of the original images taken before manipulating the photograph and creating something new. Build upon that which you create, by improving upon the previous image. Working to get that perfect image that requires time and vision. Too much time spent on something can over do it but little attention will cause yourself to lose interest so work on images.

Using a cannabis plant edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during 2021-2022
Digital Discovery Art 2022 Skinner J.Tyler

These images are all of a cannabis plant and then by using photo editors, I create something new. Each picture is usually done through four photo editors available on Google Play and Apple Istore today. Remember these images are meant to inspire and encourage those who think they can’t, wuen actually they can.

Cannabis Plants Edited By Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2021-2022
Cannabis Plant Growing During Flower Stage

These images highlight one of my newest hobbies, growing cannabis for medical purposes. Upon obtaining a license (ACMPR), I was able to produce legal cannabis within my own home for medical purposes of course. As you can see from the photograph the plants are doing quite well throughout this development. They are thriving quite wonderfully and will soon be developing buds. These images capture magnificent quality of the plants that has gone through a 2 month vegetation stage which has been important to get it where it is today. The effort and time has gone a long way thus far and continues today during this stage of the plants cycle.

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Digital Art Cannabis Palnt edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during 2021-2022
Digital Philosophy YouTube Channel

The plants are now budding and starting to develop more areas of buds forming, due to the plant focusing on using nutrients and water to form buds for reproduction. Although you do not want the female plant to reproduce, her buds are what you want for smoke. So during the flower stage, you will see the buds get bigger over the following months. It is best to keep the plant in a 12/12 light/darkness, flower stage for 2 to 3 months depending on what works best.

Digital Art using Cannabis Plants to create
Digital Art 2022

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