Technique And Disconnection

Hive Mind Divide

By: Skinner J.Tyler
Quarter Moon Phase Digital Philosophy 2021-2022
Quarter Phase Moon 2022

Captured in a complex disregard for our own despair and devastating consequences. The effects are seeping into our core circuits, devouring and freedom of thought. Moving into the unknown abyss of the day’s darkness, while stumbling around with a drunkenness swagger. There is more to this exquisite design than even I can handle; without looking through my own eyes.

Devastation in the destruction of a social order that is so important, we move around daily like ants going to and from their nest. Working under the rule of the Queen to establish a social order that keeps the blind following the blind, never looking up for long; only gazing at the heart of the hot sun. Keeping our eyes on the ground and moving to and from, like zombies for the need to keep thriving, hungry being the necessity of life. Dripping, oozing and filled with greed, the hunger continues and never goes away. It continues on into the next day and forever consumed with it’s growing need to flourish and survive.

Quater Phase Moon Digital Art 2021-2022
Quarter Moon Phase 2022

The crow is warning of a strange new adventure that offers greif and despair; it’s embrace is confused with fear. The eye that gazed to and from the lineage of time, now grows insane with the truth of a lie. Reality is a concept for those who don’t know the secrets that are locked, lost and stolen from far down below. Stored inside the machine God, that captures total victory while focusing on the algorithm of infinity. The clock turns over on a 1213 and blackness, shadows and catastrophe; turn into fear and unknown. Feeding on it’s insecurities of the hidden knowledge that only those with the eye are able to see.

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Digital Philosophy Edited by Dr Digital Philosophy 2021-2022
Darkness Rain Down Upon

Dreaded is the leader who has fallen once more, sacrifice the power and lead us to war. Death and sorrow written on the back of the page; continued into the next stage. It was only written for those without taste, who could not see within the soul; causing them to devour and feed on the growing hunger. Their minds were devoured of anything known. They did not know or care but unfortunately, it led us to fear and tore a piece of humanity with a glimpse of the things that could be. Crippling and strayed, where to go from here but back to the cage; lost in a home that is a cell as well.

The ten of wands from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited by Dr Digital Philosophy 2021-2022
Tarot Card 10 of Wands

Maybe I’ll take a run on the wheel or eat from a dish, like a hamster in his home; I am also in a cage. I do not break free or try to escape since I have no where to go but my oyster; this cage. I’ve traveled many miles that went round and round; where I stood was flat yet they said it was round. I yet to go further, the opposite way this time; and spin the wheel the other way around. Technology and design is forever entrapped in itself to become more.

The Waning Moon Phase Glitched Digital Art 2021-2022
Quarter Moon Phase 2022

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