Reversed Tarot Reading

The Six Of Wands Rides Reversed
By: Dr. Digital Philosophy
The six of wands from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited by Dr Digital Philosophy 2021-2022
Six Of Wands

Today I draw the six of wands in reverse. A man who sits high on his horse celebrates victory but only a minor victory. Of course, the card in reverse has the opposite meaning with regard to victory and small celebrations. It speaks of self doubt and unworthiness to celebrate any kind of victory, since the querent has lost all hope. Losing focus to move on and cannot find it within himself to do so. There isn’t no celebration happening but instead is a feeling of neglect and self-worth.

He has become isolated and alone, without friends or allies to celebrate any victory. This is due to his own self-isolation which he has placed upon himself due to failures and crumbling circumstances of fate that was set out by him.

The lesson is that we all encounter doubt during tough times but if we can overcome that fear of doubt, then we can move on to the next step. Having friends and family nearby can help motivate us and inspire us to celebrate these small victories. When we lose hope and don’t celebrate small victories, we can get overwhelmed and disappointed about our road ahead. Leaving self doubt and unworthiness to move ahead.

The six of wands reversed from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited 2021-2022

Losing hope in yourself can be difficult to handle since we often have faith, even during the worst of times. We move onward towards the upcoming storm with brisk, courage and might. The reversal is quite the opposite where self doubt is seen in this aspect of the querents life. Losing faith, as if his world has been turned upside down like the card itself. Never having any opportunity to see the small wins and instead, seeing them as lost.

There are many planetary changes happening throughout the last few months and with more on the way, this will be a time of great awareness that may not come as easily as you want buy it is necessary, in order to keep going. To keep going as a new, authentic being who is determined to celebrate the small victories. Without the small victory, how does one boost moral for the victories yet to come?

Scenic view of mountains and forest edited by Dr Digital Philosophy 2021-2022
Edited Scenery Image

During a tarot reading, I find it important to understand the reverse meaning of a card, as well as the upright meaning. When I first started reading Tarot, I focused more in the upright meaning and trying to understand the visuals. I come to realize today that most of the cards have the opposite meaning if their upright position. Knowing the cards and what each one represents is important to interpret the querent’s message within the deck, especially when it’s meaning becomes reversed.

Although there are a few cards that can show up reversed and have a deeper meaning, that enhances the cards meaning into something higher. So not all the cards are opposed to their upright meanings, as to their reversed meaning. Most of them do represent the opposite meaning when in reverse but not in the same concept as the other. Different techniques and meanings of each card holds the message it wishes to portray, so sometimes a upright card can be good in that area. Such as the four of wands which represents home and family. When this card is turned upright it means to enhance the cards meaning and it’s gratitude is increased in the since that all is very well.

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The tree of life edited 2021-2022

The tarot deck is something I find useful when seeking inner reflection of myself. Focusing on the card, while meditating on the message being portrayed during each reading. The image tells a story that can be related to any situation currently happening in our life and the visuals in the cards can make us aware of this. Even during the good times, the cards have a way of letting you know when all is well or when all is turned upside down.

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