Past Encounters

Reminisced Memories
By: Skinner J.Tyler
Sunglasses Image Edited 2021-2022
Sunglasses Image

Looking back at old blogs written over the last year, I can see how far I’ve come in such a short time. When I first started this blog, I didn’t know how to start a website or development of one. Today, I find myself less interested in social media and taking time to read blogs of other people. Learning new techniques along the way to further develop a well maintained blog and writing skills used to provide insight a highlight details on daily life.

Today is a foggy day, with rain coming down in sprinkles and cold air isn’t comfortable. The weather seems to be a topic I often write about often it seems but the weather usually has a daily effect on all of us. I didn’t always enjoy the rain but these days I often like to see the water coming down, in drops of liquid. It reminds me that not all days are sunny and clear but need rain as well. The plants and trees all need water and that is key in life, along with nature.

A blue light during 2021-2022
Light Shines Down 2022

The spring is moving slowly into the warm weather here on this island called Newfoundland. I can remember a few days ago I seen rain, snow and sunshine in the same day which isn’t unusual for this island. Actually, weather is often a topic of great discussion in the area of my home since the weather can be so strange here. That was why, today would be a good day to stay inside and read over some blogs thay were written over the last year. I like to go through my blogs to see how my life is going and where it is coming from.

I find many other people are writing some interesting articles when looking into new topics to read about. There is much to be said for the people who are blessed with the ability to inspire others and their values in life. The words are like music on a page, singing the song that provokes a dance of wonder and amusement. The information can be quite useful and it is something I have enjoyed during these last few months. Going through WordPress articles regarding today’s blog and the days before.

The tree of life 2022
Tree of Life 2021-2022

Unlike social media, it takes effort and time to write a good story. There are many ways to start and anyone can develop a blog today. With access to any type of mobile, laptop or tablet; anyone can start writing a blog or develop their own webpage (given there is internet service in that area). There are so many options available today that can help get you started so why not try it out and put your opinion out there.

While reading over my last blog, I found some interesting articles that I wrote myself about a year ago. The development of my project over time has been difficult but sometimes I surprise myself with it’s philosophical idea. The past images, recorded in time and available for everyone to enjoy. I’ve enjoyed the work I’ve done so far but I have so much left to do yet and that’s the scary part. The unknown can be scary at times; especially when it’s all on the line.

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