Growing Cannabis In Canada Today

Cannabis Cultivation (Part 2)
By: Skinner J.Tyler
Cannabis Plant Flower Stage
Cannabis Plant White Widow 2022

Today is April 28th, 2022 and it is now 4:43 pm here in Newfoundland And Labrador, Canada. There is so much going on in the world today and the ones who suffer are the innocent victims, the children, the seniors are the one’s I think about most. Fearing for their lives and their world around them, crumbling and falling apart at the seams; worrying about their children and children’s children.

With so much destruction going on in this world, I find the art of cultivating cannabis a great way to clear my mind and not neglect or deny; but reflect upon myself and who I am. The plants are a great way of finding peace and happiness in their elegant presence. They are doing quite well and flourishing great over the past few weeks, now developing their buds. The process us amazing and has been overwhelming as well.

The White Widow Strain Cannabis Plant During the Flower Stage
Cannabis Plant

The Flower Stage

Cannabis Plants growing during Flower stage 2021-2022
Coastal Cannabis Established March 2021-2022

The cannabis plant is currently in the flower stage and thriving quite well. Proper feeding and watering is necessary for proper photosynthesis, allowing your plants to focus on the development of great dense buds. This development has been going very good so far and continues to show improvement, even in the little time I have had to monitor them during this stage.

The cannabis plants are developing quicker and great with the beginning of the flower cycle. I don’t like being optimistic about a outcome until I see some sign of results. These plants are beginning to show signs of bud development already and due to a change in the light cycle (18/6 hours light/darkness to 12/12 hours of light/darkness), the plant will now prepare for developing their buds quicker. The flower stage has now commenced, growing great. They are happy and I am as well seeing them flower is extraordinary and extravagant to say the least.

Edited photograph of a cannabis plant during the flower stage
White Widow Strain From EC Genetics

Eight Weeks Of Vegetation

Before I continue, I would like to give a shoutout to EC Genetics, located in Nova Scotia, Canada and offers some of the best genetics I’ve ever seen before. They promised and delivered quality genetics, with a wide varietyof strains. I am overall pleased and quite impressed with the experience from EC Genetics.

EC Genetics (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Cannabis Grow Environment 2021-2022
Cannabis Plants 2022

The flower stage couldn’t have started so good without the care and dedication used during the vegetation stage. With proper care, monitoring pH balance, humidity and temperature (within the grow environment) and maintaining the feeding times; the vegetation stage can be a overwhelming experience at first but with good genetics (I cannot stress this enough) from a trustworthy seed bank (like EC Genetics). They were hard to find but has been reliable and efficient when ordering.

For eight weeks these plants were growing quite quickly and while some grew quicker than others, they eventually all grew to about the same height within the finally week of the vegetation stage and at the beginning of the flower stage. Upon the switching to the 12/12 light/dark cycle (where during the dark stage must not receive any light, so ensure the environment is sealed tight and doesn’t have light leaks); during the first week of the flower stage the plants stretched quite high. Bringing them all at the same height during the second week of flowering but not quite.

Week one of the flower stage during cannabis grow
White Widow Strain

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Cannabis Plant Growing during Flower stage 2021-2022
Cannabis Plant 2021-2022

During this stage of development with growing cannabis, I will be sharing more images and tips I learned while cultivating cannabis. I’m no expert but I think in sharing my knowledge of growing, I can gain more knowledge along the way. Discussion is a great way to learn from each other and pick up techniques to help broadened our knowledge of growing this magnificent plant.

With it’s healing properties and therapeutic use, this herbal remedy is used to help many with illness, pain and disease. It has been used my many people who believe it to be the best natural medicine available today. It has helped prevent seizures, treat people with terminal cancer and mental illness.

Cannabis Grow Environment With White Widow 2021-2022
Cannabis Plants White Widow from EC Genetics

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