The Struggle With Depression

Lost On The Way Down
By: Skinner J.Tyler
The seven of cups reversed from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck 2021-2022
Seven of Cups (reversed)

“The feeling is overwhelming, sadness and pain; wrapped up in emotional toll of distress and loss”

Skinner J.Tyler 2021-2022

Depression is a topic that comes up alot more today than it has in previous years. This is due to our social issues being affected on a mass scale where a pandemic has people locked inside to avoid spreading contamination. People are glued to their phones, ingesting loads of information on a massive scale unlike ever before. What they absorb and watch is another thing and can have catastrophic affects on their mental health. Especially being locked in, with nothing to do but watch the news, watch another event unfold that warns of ever pending doom and become isolated.

It is having it’s affect and that is clear to see. So many people have suffered lost, regret and despair in the past several years that our moral as a society is at it’s all time low. No wonder depression or anxiety comes up so much during the year of 2022 with everything going on today.

The two of swords reversed from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited by Dr Digital Philosophy 2021-2022

Soul Bound Spell

“Despair and tremble, eyes glued to the screen; the horrors and fear; disregard is obscene”

Skinner J.Tyler 2021-2022

I like using poems or sonnets for artistic purposes and have recently been developing more on that skill. Writing and publishing articles, novels and other types of literature that will allow me to express the pain, discomfort and gratitude I often feel. Suffering from a mental illness isn’t easy and throughout the day, seems to become more difficult but I have hope.

Hometown community Rose Blanche,  Newfoundland and Labrador 2021-2022
Scenic View 2021-2022

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