The Dark Crow

Calling Of The End
By: Skinner J.Tyler
The Two Of Swords From the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited by Dr Digital Philosophy
The Two Of Swords

The sword is double edged and swift as it cuts. The two of swords is a card of action and movement. Yet the woman in the card from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck, is blindfolded (like the lady in the eight of swords) and holds two swords in each hand.

She has succumb to facing danger but refuses to see the real danger due to the blindfold. She refuses to choose a path and has decided to cover her eyes, be well prepared for danger and her arms are crossed; covering her heart. Closing off any anticipation for affection or love, rather choosing the swords for the lurking danger that is known to exist. Although, the woman in this card refuses to see the danger and shuts herself off from knowing the true enemy; which can often be herself.

The two of swords from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited 2021-2022

“The call, the crow; it sings of despair. A bird, that’s black; it flies in the air”

“Darkness and shadow, which lurks in the dreams; it is devouring, explicit but what does it mean”

Skinner J.Tyler 2021-2022
Edited image of candle and tree of life edited 2021-2022
Digital Art 2021-2022

It is morning again and another day is upon us. The sun will rise in the east and fall in the west, with the day being filled with opportunities and new paths. Travel down that road, go for that hike and enjoy the simplest aspect of life.

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