Growing Cannabis Inside

Cannabis Cultivator

By: Skinner J.Tyler

Cannabis Plant Growing during Flower Stage

Today it seems you can’t get away from the word cannabis. From cultivation to smoking this fine herb, everyone has seen the positive impact the cannabis plant has on society today. Growing a plant is not something many people set out to do with their life but for me it has become so much more than growing something to smoke.

It sure has started out that way but today I enjoy spending time with my plants, talking to them and experiencing the positive vibes from there presence. Cannabis plants have two sexes which are male and female but these plants I grow are photo-period feminized seeds that started off as babies and now I am amazed with the growth.

Seedling sprout during Seedling stage of cannabis grow cycle
Seedling Development Cannabis Growing Canada 2021-2022

Seedling Stage:

During the first ten days, the seed is germinated by using a paper towel method, glass of water or jiffy pads. This is the stage where the seed develops a stalk that allows growth of the cannabis plant after it has been planted. I find it useful to use seeds with good genetics and comes from a trusted source.

Using the cup of water method for this process, I take a cup and fill it with lukewarm water that isn’t too hot and not too cold. Then gently take the seeds and place them in the water (they should fall to the bottom of the glass) using tweezers or gloves to avoid contamination which is a key note when growing cannabis.

“Ensure you wear proper gloves such as latex disposable gloves and always ensure your materials are sanitary to avoid contamination when placing seeds in your glass or pot.”

Reference Material 2021-2022
Edited image of a cannabis Plant during vegetation stage
Vegetation Stage Cannabis Growing Canada 2021-2022

Vegetation Stage:

After five to ten days, the seed should sprout and will he ready to be planted.

The vegetation stage is the most important part of the cannabis growing process and this is where your plants grow to their full height. Leaves develop to absorb the right amount of light during this stage of development in the cannabis cycle.

Start off at first, by using a small amount of nutrients at first as not to overdo it. This can cause nutrient burn and can cause the plant to die if not done properly. Starting off I use a 3-part Advanced Nutrients mixture that allowed properly ph balance and was very effective when growing this batch of cannabis plants. Advanced Nutrients is available on Amazon at affordable prices and delivery was quick, reliable and efficient.

Using the three part mixture, I used 1 milliliter (ml) of each part base nutrient and mixed it with water (the water is best left in the grow area to adapt the same temperature and won’t shock the plants). After mixing three 3mls total with 1ml from each base of nutrients called Grow, Micro and Bloom and water the plant with 1 litre (L) of water as a mixture.

Cannabis Plants growing during vegetation stage
Cannabis Plants 2021-2022

As you can see from the image above, the plants adjusted very quickly to their feeding times and prospered very well. The vegetation stage lasted for 8 weeks but was effective for growth of these white widow cannabis plants.

Over the course of that 8 week period, the nutrients were increased from 1 ml per part, to 2 mls during the second week, 3mls during the third week and so on up to week 8; where I cut the nutrients to 6 mls per 3 part solution used for feeding. With proper feeding times and monitoring the plants for defects, along with any additional observations made during this phase. I also found myself spending time with my plants daily, talking to them and pruning them was accelerating for me.

Flowering Stage of cannabis plants growing
Cannabis Plant Flower Stage 2021-2022

Flower Stage:

The last week of vegetation is going to be preparing the cannabis plants for the flower stage. At this stage, the light cycle is switched from 18/6 to 12/12 light and darkness. When the plant noticed the slight change in the length of time for darkness it starts preparing for bud development.

This is due to the female plant expecting winter to come shortly after the change in light and therefore prepares to reproduce before it’s death. Immediately upon the first week of the flower stage you may notice hairs becoming more apparent and developing nicely. The picture below shows the buds developing within the first week of the flower stage.

Cannabis Plant Flower Stage 2021-2022

Once this happens, cutting the Nitrogen during the feeding cycle is important since Nitrogen promotes growth and is no longer required to help with the flowering stage of cannabis growth. Over the first week I slightly cut the Nitrogen (or Grow base nutrient from Advanced Nutrients) and maintained the Micro and Bloom nutrient base at 6mls per part; adding to a 1L of distilled water that is lukewarm temperature and has a ph of 6.5. Advanced Nutrients is available online and highly recommended for anyone looking for effective nutrients with a perfect ph balance; available on Amazon.

Choose an amount:

Or enter a custom amount


Proper ph level should be between 6.5 and 7.0 when growing cannabis plants. Use a ph monitor to check your soil and your water before feeding or watering your cannabis plants.”

Research Material 2021-2022

There are more stages to come but at this time I wanted to highlight my experience with growing cannabis indoors so far. I know I may have left some points out but mostly covered the start of developing a well maintained, organized and sanitary environment for cannabis cultivation. There is more to come on this topic so follow me or subscribe for more.

Cannabis Plants Growing Environment
Cannabis Plants Growing Canada 2021-2022

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