Galactic Alignment Of 2022

The Age Of Change
By: Dr. Digital Philosophy
The five of pentacles reversed from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2021-2022
Overcoming Obstacles

This year has been difficult for many people, coming out of COVID19 and dealing with many types of illnesses; along with other things going on in our daily lives. I often saw that the path we were on at that time, couldn’t be changed and would affect the course of events throughout history. We are in a digital age and still learning new ways to co-exist with technology such as computers, mobile devices and even AI technology; becoming awareof it’s own existence. This takes on the role of a whole new form of digital. It’s a new world and one that is on the verge of great change over the next few years. We are about to see a revealing of our masses, where our lives no longer become private or viewed by others like us; but by artificial intelligence.

Change though is inevitable and always comes about sooner or later since it is the only thing we have ever known. This up coming month has seen a rise in planetary alignment within the northern hemisphere where the moon, sun and earth; will be in alignment. The recent eclipse can be felt by many and introduces us to seeing a new path laid out for us that requires dedication and courage. Along with the new moon, it is an opportunity for change and alignment with ourselves.

A new era that is opening up a better understanding of the world around us and what we thought was once black and white, resides on a greater light spectrum that we cannot perceive; even more defined than a grey area. Our universe is massive and that is definitely something to believe, with everything else being on between. Who knows what else could happen?

Waxing Moon during the Gibbous Phase
A New Era Has Arrived 2023

Today is April 27th, 2022 and there is a lot of energy at work as the planetary shifts are causing frequency levels to rise (if you believe it or not). Our bodies are made up of 70% water and the moon affects water like it has for years, drawing the tide in and out. The energy is beginning to rise and new endeavors are now put into motion as we move towards our overall goal; a new phase in our lives that involves growing and developing.

Our mission is what drives us each day and with this alignment taking place, many have began to awaken to more spiritual aspects in modern day society. Religion has been seen for what it truly is, revealing a side of those that are known to be holy men but are merely wolves in sheep’s clothing (not saying all religions are bad but I am saying alot of them are rich due to their ideology and greed within their systems).

Today it seems that people have a new approach to spiritual development and it isn’t always the same. No person is the same in this world and like our unique differences of individuality, our spiritual practices will also vary from person to person. Not that anyone is wrong or right but it’s what we believe in and everyone has a right to their own beliefs. The world is a big place, with a lot of people and nations. Learning to love each other and ourselves, can help make this world a better place.

The five of pentacles reversed from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited by Dr Digital Philosophy 2021-2022

During this phase over the next few days into May will be an experience of lost, letting go and moving towards a ambitious goal that will work out in the end. Allow your thought process to maintain a positive attitude and have faith that everything is in alignment with your inner self, allowing positive thoughts to fill your head. This path will be a difficult one but upon observation and knowledge, with a dash of empathy; we will see the truth and the word will be revealed for what it truly is (for those who want to see).

The word, the truth in that which we speak and how that speech turns into action is based upon truth. The act of doing that which is said or is understood to be that of the act of what was said to be true. It all goes hand in hand and once in sync. The alignment will open new doors for us that will benefit us as a unity and not as individuals. We are a united, yet; we have become divided by mass propaganda, radical hatred of our brother’s and sister’s and low confidence within ourselves to do more damage to our world; allowing hate to breed on all corners of our world. Be a better individual for ourselves and for those around us can be difficult but sometimes; when put under great pressure, a stone becomes a diamond.

Cannabis Plants growing during flower stage and edited by Dr Digital Philosophy

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Gibbous Moon Phase edited by Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021-2022
Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase 2022

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