The Power Of Meditation

A Quote For Today

Posted by: Dr. Digital Philosophy
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I was just about to spend some time with my plants when I came upon this interesting quote. So I thought I would share it with you all since I agree with it’s message.

Quotes have a tendency of doing that; where the obvious is so true yet misunderstood at times. We tend to question everything and everyone, to the point that we forget what the actual point was. It’s life and all part of growing; understanding who we are as individuals and as a unity.

I find meditation is the corner stone of my day that helps me focus, helps with relief from anxiety and it gives me hope in understanding that everything is constant; moving onward into destiny without a single doubt but as a whole new united collection. A collection of living consciousness like birds and plants; constantly questioning the word of life and development from that point on, gives us the understanding we require (whether we like it or not).

It helps me to find myself and really enjoy me, but also understand that I am small part of something that is beyond my understanding due to the massive amount of information within the word. It would take decades or centuries to fully get a concept of our existence and even then, it would change due to the getting to the point and what happened in between getting to the point and being there; compared with what comes with it once you get to that point.

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