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Crow’s Prophecy

By: Dr. Digital Philosophy
Abstract Photography Digital Art by Dr.Digital Philosophy

We see things in a third dimension and often learn this at a very young age. The cube, has a length, width and height; therefore contributing to the three dimensions we dwell on within our physical form.

The light we see with our eyes are so far down on the light spectrum; anything over the tiny scale in which we see color can cause us to go blind. It’s funny though, since we cannot see that well and by looking at the sun or strong UV rays of light, can cause us blindness if we stare at the light long enough.

In the game known as “The Elder Scrolls” by Bethesda; the moth priest would gain great wisdom and knowledge upon getting a glimpse of an elder scroll but would come at a price that would cause the moth priest to go blind upon seeing such knowledge in the scroll. This is just a video game but the more can sometimes relate to our world and represent specific periods of history or relationships to the unknown hidden knowledge. These references come in handy today when researching Russian history during the rule of the Czars; relating to some fictional movie I seen not long before. Although it was fictional, the idea arrived from real life events that inspired such work.

Glitched image that is blurred for affect by Dr. Digital Philosophy

Crows are not always available to give warnings”

–Don Juan Matus
Abstract Ilage Digital Design by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2021-2022

I once hexed the black bird for superstitious reasons when I was much younger and upon questioning this silly trait, I eventually stopped hexing this admired bird. Little did I know back then how much symbolism this bird represents and along with it’s philosophical wit; this bird can be useful.

I read the quote earlier from Don Juan Matus and it made me think of a time not long ago when I received a divine presence in the form of a crow. It tried to warn me of major change about to come, whether I liked it or not: it’s eye focused on mine in that split second of a glace outside. After turning back to walk the other way, it’s unusual appearance and timing started racing through my head. At first I thought about my friend who I lost days prior to this crow showing up, but that wasn’t it and I knew it.

That night I went out with a friend of mine and mentioned the crow showing up at that exact moment when I looked out the window, turning it’s one eye in me and with a slight stare; I walked away and when I realized what happened and looked back; the crow was gone. Then it struck me right there; damn divination from ancient creatures always freak me out.

The time afterwards I used meditation to focus on my thoughts and see what I was missing. What was this crow warning me about? And why me in the first place? It was overwhelming and the more I explained this sighting to people and myself; the more unusual I realized it was.

About two days later I go out of town to get away from the craziness, to see a old friend. He was happy to have me over for a few days and I was happy to see him after a long time. Before I get to his place, which is about a hour drive; I receive a phone call from a friend. I tell her I’m driving and will call back later. She told me to make sure because she had something really important to tell me. Well; I won’t forget to call you back now for sure and hung up the phone.

I didn’t know it then, but that was the last time I ever talked to her. She was a great friend, who was more like family and she cared about me when not many people did at the time. (I was a horrible, know it all teenager then and I guess she seen that). I wouldn’t forget to call her back I thought not long after hanging up the phone with her that day.

Once I got to my friends place, we talked all night and it was easy to tell we haven’t had the time to talk on while. He’s a older man who helped me through many hard times and gave me some really good advice over the years of knowing him. We didn’t even get along at first because I thought he was a dick and he thought I was a a-hole; turns out we were both right there but when we got to know each other, we clicked. We had so much to say that I forgot to call my friend from back home and fell asleep very quickly that night.

I was having the strangest dream (like most of them are) where we were all out having a few drinks and noticed my friend smiling at me the whole time which seemed kind of off bit it was a dream. I try to talk to her but she doesn’t respond to me or answer at all; just smiling at me with happiness. I was abruptly woken up to my friend looking down at me and scaring the life out of me but then he said, “Buddy, your friend Emma(a fake name) died last night”.

I went back to sleep thinking it was a dream and forgetting about it at first but when I woke up, I wasn’t sure if it was a dream or not. I didn’t ask my friend due to fact that sometimes I dream things that seem real when I first wake up. I went about the morning and avoided asking him the one question on my mind the whole time, was my friend really gone; dead?

The word even sounded dark and deep in my head, so saying it out loud would of been madness. My friend knew I was thinking about it and mentioned it to me right away. I told him the truth, where I didn’t think it was real or didn’t want to sound crazy.

It was a sad day the day I heard she died. Her father died ten days prior and was the friend I mentioned earlier that made me think of him after seeing the crow. It was hard losing him since I was busy at the time and he always asked me to drop up. I never did make it and the one day I thought to try was the day he died. Ten days later, she died as well; leaving doubt and disbelief as if it wasn’t real or didn’t seem real at the time.

The one regret is not calling her back because I didn’t expect her to pass, as no one did it seems. She wanted to tell me something and I remember her saying that now but at the time it didn’t mean much since she always had something going on. Today though, I sometimes wonder what it was she wanted me to know.

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