Digital Artwork

Extraction Of The Digital Age
By: Dr. Digital Philosophy
Digital Art by Dr Digital Philosophy Original Capture 2021-2022
Digital Era 2022

Today I been working on many things but keeping all in order. I read articles written by true journalists who have more intriguing information and insight that would make you wonder. The writer is one who has taken the time to detail aspects of everyday life, by forming a well developed article. Blogging is a great way to do this but the other side of the coin is Digital Art.

Adding photos to this blog has been great since I can look back years from now and see a piece of my past; created and designed through nature, life and prosperity. I am also fortunate to live in such a beautiful place that I call home.

Glitched Confusion

Images can be altered, glitched and manipulated to a point where the original image seems like a image out of some fictional world. As much as it seems like a fictional world though, it is our reality.

Images capture our time period and record fragments of our past, that is now our present by moving into the unknown or future. Then we will look back on our lives and see where we went wrong and what we did right. It is all part of life, growing older and hopefully, wiser.

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Zdzislaw Beksinski was a magnificent painter who captured hell and all it’s horror in a small depiction of one like our own world. The painter later went on to digital art but he never enjoyed the limited amount of detail he could use.

I find the edited images highlight magnificent color spectrums, unseen to the naked eye. The colors can be moved and placed in such a way, it’s placement must be easy to view from any perspective.

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Light spectrum on Cannabis grow
Light Spectrum Twist

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