Monday Embrace

The Tarot Card Quest

By: Skinner J.Tyler
The ten of pentacles edited by Dr Digital Philosophy from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck 2021-2022
The Old Man Seen Everything

Today is April 25th, 2022 and it is now Monday morning; with a calm relaxation vibe to the aspect being in real life, that won’t last long. The weather has been all over the place, with it raining during the morning then followed by a blast of sunshine; giving any hope to a nice day but then I look outside and see Snow! I thought I was losing my mind that day but no, here in Newfoundland; we are use to having four seasons in one day. The weather is often unpleasant but something we are use to here on the Rock.

The ten of pentacles has been a peculiar card since I have been drawing it quite a bit within the last month. I find it strange sometimes how drawing key cards can make us look into something, not usually observed due to ignorance or lack of understanding. Upon pulling this one again, I see hope in the form of a archway that allows passage to a bright future; with riches and prosperity.

The ten of pentacles edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2021-2022
Ten of Pentacles

Unlike the ten of cups, the man and woman does not stand together in harmony but faces each other. The man having his back turned against the Holy figure, sitting nearby with a coat of many colors. Actually, no one seems to notice this figure besides the dogs who spot his tranquility right away.

When I first came across this card, to be honest; I could not recognize the figure in the coat of many colors but upon observation, I see how he blends in with the card; without being noticed. He is a observer and may have something to do with the overall luxury of this household as a black staff is also seen leaning against the archway. Black represents endless possibilities and the manifesting of glorious treasures.

The Quarter Phase Moon ending in Aquarius 2022
The tree outside 2022

The tarot can be tricky at times and mysterious; where cards are pulled often and usually represents something of significance when appearing as such. I have looked closely at the card and observed it with every detail, but it’s reference to me is unsettling. I wonder if the figure is some type of divine being who is interested in this family for some specific reason.

Was this his home prior to this family now residing here? Was he a spirit sent to check the values and virtues of this family? And why is it only the dogs seem to notice this man?

I sometimes wonder to myself, is there some type of person here; blending in without being noticed. Observing me and my endeavors through life, judging my deeds with that of dishonesty, greed or some other deadly sin; to find out if I am worthy of such magnificence. Checking my virtues and truths to ensure I am my true, authentic self.

Actually, now that I write this out; I can see exactly what this card is trying to tell me. The representation was so obvious, I cannot believe I missed it. That’s how you see things I guess; it’s right in front of us but yet we often miss the obvious. Upon drawing up conclusions to what may be, I’ve come to realize what truly is within the card.

The 15 card the devil is edited by Dr  Digital Philosophy during April 2021-2022 from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck
The Devil 2022

Seems to be a lot of talk about this guy who always uses trickery, bribery and debauchery to satisfy his material, ill-gotten gains. Through his own wants, he will do whatever is necessary to achieve such materialism and greed; allowing him to be free but those trapped by the devil knows all too well, they’re chains can easily be removed. It is their addiction to material, self gain and greed that trap them in their own boundaries. They are free to take off the chains at any time but the two figures below him dance to his tune.

He will devour your soul until you get more but more is never enough. Then it’s due to someone else, since they have this and they got that. Now I want it for myself since they seem happy with it. We will run around in circles trying to catch up with our possessions and material gains. Only leading us on the same path, that is a hell of it’s own and the beast accepts no items or values in exchange for one’s soul.

Edited tarot card Digital Art from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited 2021-2022
Rider Waite Tarot Deck

The man carrying ten sticks is due to obligation; the need to do what he must, bringing a bigger burden on himself and only able to let go of the burden upon completion. The thing is though, ten is a completion in the tarot and unless this man does not let go of some wands or sticks; he will remain burdened with a heavy load.

Death comes in here, but reversed and could mean that now the time has come to let go but due to death in reverse; the man with the sticks refuses to let go. If he do not let go and let nature take it’s course, he will become weighed down and over encumbered with the burdens he brought on himself. Death is ready and waits for no man but moving on isn’t so easy or just. Although the rider on his dark horse accepts no payment, change is inevitable.

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Then again, it is just that; death is just and it is difficult since we all face it in many aspects. By watching our lobes ones pass away, along with close friends and finally, ourselves. The ultimate death of our ego and body moving on. When our time is up, we have to move on and cannot remain with heavy burdens of past seasons gone by. The end waits for no one, so moving forward is necessary in order to understand the process of nature and time.

The ten of pentacles edited by Dr Digital Philosophy from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck 2021-2022
Pentacles Pending

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