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Today Is The Day

By: Skinner J.Tyler
Waxing moon edited
Waxing Moon

I took this picture about three weeks ago, during a waxing moon phase where the moon was almost at the full phase. The picture above is edited but the essence of the photo dictates it’s relatively simple.

Not too much color, or wide spectrum of colors that would blind you and me. A simple color of black, highlighting the bright essence of light and purple; coming from the moon.

Nature sings, spring summer breeze; essence in her nature, she calls for the leaves”

The wood went green, a spell has been cast; smell of pine and the witches came last”

The Ladies Of The Wood
Digital Art by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2021-2022
The Ladies Of the Wood
Edited image of scenery by Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021-2022
The Wooded Area

The edited version of these images come out with bliss and beauty but the captured original, is quite a simple image. A stump, sticking out of the ground in a little place where no one would care to even think about some post.

How could you think of something like that, if you never walked past it or seen it before in your life? You couldn’t and that is what makes this a simple fact, where we are unaware. We wouldn’t even think of wood if not to use as walls or materials requiring such things. Yet this post stands there, day after day and night after night; being there that spot.

Old living room picture that was a gift
A distant era

Thos picture hangs on my living room wall and I cannot take credit for such a glorious picture. The person who gave it to me as a gift, thought I was crazy when I said how beautiful the picture was.

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“What!”, she said; and went on, “You must be losing is because it’s the ugliest picture I ever seen”. She took down the painting, that once belonged to her brother who passed away. She handed me the painting and said, “I don’t know what Ron seen in that picture and I still don’t see what you sees in it” she said as she handed it over.

The scenery image edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2021-2022
The old Post 2022

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