The Drifting

A Sailor’s Aspect
By: Dr. Digital Philosophy
Sailors poem image edited light bulb  blue 2022
A Sailors Aspect

Sailor Querent Intrigue

“Looking out, the blue sky sea; a wandering lift, violent but free.”

“Memory of home, the one’s left behind; the needful endeavors, love hearts divine”

“You can go, you can dance, work hard and sing; you spend all time drinking, or go in the end

-Skinner J.Tyler 2022

Edited Candle Light Image Digital Philosophy Art 2022
Digital Art 2022

Before Da Mast

“Men with families, the ripples and air; lost in sunset behind us, sail on, true and fair”

The port does not matter, not at this moment and time; for a aching or sorrow, the one’s left behind”

“It calls our attention, sea forth at ship’s mast; our water is plenty, Davy Jones never rest”

–Skinner J.Tyler 2022

A sailors poem is something I haven’t contributed yet in a while but thought of my time at sea and figured this would inspire you, me and anyone who loves the sea. I’m a sailor who grew up in a family full of sailors (fishermen to be exact), a community built on sailors being the back bone and later went on to do it myself.

When I first started it was scary, overwhelming and atrocious but it suited me. The smell of the water, the work and labor done by all who was aboard the ship. Everyone contributed, like a family who did everything they could for the safety and livelihood of their brothers and sisters. It was a different experience unlike any I ever encountered before in my life. Meeting great people and making friends along the way was something I also enjoyed.

Tarot spread during April 2022 Edited Images negative by Dr. Digital Philosophy from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck
Tarot Spread 2022

Souls Locker

“No return, the sea kept his name; only those left behind, there are those who remain”

“The locker was sealed, Captain Jones said no more; what happens down here, isn’t meant for the shore”

“How do I go, with essence of escape; I cannot be held prisoner, my soul is revoked

–Skinner J.Tyler 2022

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Sailing is a job that many have done throughout their lives, dating back to B.C. The human race always had a need to explore and discover, work at sea by fishing, hauling cargo and so forth; to make a living for themselves. Sometimes we forget the risk these men and women out their lives in to help us (or ensure during these days) we would have food on our tables.

Centuries have led to discovery by the Vikings, Christopher Columbus (regardless of what type of person he truly was) and even John Cabot who discovered my home territory of Newfoundland. There are many beyond these few who took their lives to explore and discover; some even proved other theories to be inaccurate while traveling the vast amounts of land.

I like the think that is part of the journey though; isn’t it?

We like to think we have everything discovered but there is always something out there; always something new being found or stumbled upon. To me that makes life worthwhile and I have the humility to say; “we are but a small vast of civilization that resides on a dot within this universe” and how it is explained isn’t necessarily accurate or correct.

Edited image of road capture original design by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2022
Digital Art 2022

What we learn is knowledge but everything left, is the imagination. The imagination can develop all kinds of ideas and theories but unless they are developed into reality; they are nothing but ideas. The contrast between bringing a idea to life and leaving it at that, an idea. Once it becomes reality, it can either be useful to society or break it apart at the foundation it was built upon, destroying society at the seams.

4 responses to “The Drifting”

  1. I’m in awe of people who work on the sea. It’s beautiful and inspiring and dangerous. I see where you get your affinity for the sea – it’s in the family bones. Beautiful poetry.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your nice comment πŸ‘ I miss sailing and plan on going back in another couple of months. I miss the feeling of being on the water, I miss the smell of the air and I miss the essence of it all.
      Thanks again and take care πŸ™‚

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I’d say you miss it all! πŸ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

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