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Phase Of The Tarot Quest

By: Skinner J.Tyler

The eight of swords from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited by Dr Digital Philosophy April 2022
Waning Cry

The chains of grip, tightly blinded by her sight; misplaced sanctuary, inside her mind all is right”

–Skinner J.Tyler 2022

The eight of swords and the queen of cups from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck edited by Dr Digital Philosophy April 2021-2022
The Queen Looks On

As the lady is bound by chains of her own doing, the reversed card represents breaking free from the chains. No longer is the lady bound by her thoughts of sanctuary; more like a prison but is now free to move onward. Breaking free from her bonds she is before the queen of cups with a reverse contemplation.

She will pick up where her mind had her bound, continue onward or maybe make her way back to the castle. She is not yet sure but with each little step, comes a bigger solution. One that works for her and allows her to be free of the bonds that she put herself in. It is up to her whether she has learned from this situation or will she fall into bondage once more.

The wizards stick using magic a digital art edited by Dr Digital Philosophy April 2022 using original content
The smoke rises 2022

Spring has broken through, into the new season that allows growth and prosperity. Using images captured outside my sanctuary, I have taken time to create a digital artistic image for this blog. I find this story of the tarot fits well with images of fantasy and abstract, using the tarot deck as a way to capture the story being told through images in the cards.

“She steps away, the chains break free; a queen now approaches, water and sand at her feet”

The time for creation, the time of a new; I did not just become the queen, I journeyed like you”

-Skinner J.Tyler 2022

A edited image of candle and tree of life spell of waning moon edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2021-2022
The Waning Moon Phase 2021-2022

The queen looks at her display and says, “Look at my creation, it is unique, familiar and atrocious”. She fixes her eye on the work of art and then on the lady in the blind fold. She cannot see it, she cannot take in the beauty that is portrayed due to the fear of insecurities. The blindfold blocks her from seeing the Queen’s work of art which keeps her from truly experiencing all aspects of the journey.

“I did not become the queen of my suit by wearing a blind fold and playing a martyr,” said the queen of cups. She felt no pity, remorse or empathy for the struggled querent since she mastered her suit quite well. To get to her mastery, one must seek out creativity but include family and faith. Art is formed through dedication, talent and contributions to all aspects of family and most of all; authenticity!

Glitched image of the eight of swords from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck 2021-2022
The Querent Is Upon The Queen

Although we are free from our chains and have the opportunity to move ahead, doesn’t mean we are able to do so. The Queen of Cups has mastered her suit up until the king but unlike the King; she sits on the beach, with her feet upon the sand, suggesting a balance between reality and fantasy is maintained.

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To complete this journey the querent is subjected to return to her castle, re-evaluate her obstacles and the lesson learned on her quest under the waning moon. She can learn the lesson and remove the blindfold to truly see the world, as it is or she can keep it tied around her eyes; only seeing what is being told to her. Or worst, what she believes in her head is true, therefore delusional thoughts will become her outside world; causing suffering as seen in the Eight Of Swords.

Digital Art by Dr Digital Philosophy captured original content and edited by April 2021-2022
Tarot Story 2022

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