Judgement In The Sky

The Broken Seal
By: Skinner J.Tyler
One road capture during a day edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2021-2022
Waning Present Moon 2022

Latly I’ve been on a new social media application and I love it! It’s called Quora and recently set up a space there, answering questions about dreams nightmares and interpretation of strange phenomenon. Check out my space at Master Querent and Disciples for more. I usually post frequently and add content about dream and dream interpretation so check it out today. Quora has much to offer if you like to read and ask questions, visit Master Querent And Disciples here.

Edited Digital Art by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2021-2022

Following The Sun 2021-2022

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“They fly, in the sky, so blue and grey; their twisted metal, acolytes collide; watching and observing”

“What do they see, in us here in the sphere; they manipulate, scorch fire and yet; we open the door”

–Skinner J.Tyler 2022

Star light edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2021-2022
Digital Philosophy Art 2022

The image is a capture of the waxing moon a while back in April. The night was lit up and not a cloud in the sky, with no stars either; it seemed almost ghastly. It was quite the night with spring in the air and the waxing gibbous shining ever so brightly in the night sky.

“They are not ready, they do not understand; phantoms they call us, they are the beast of man”

“Time has been given, it ripples, goes on; we will leave you to slaughter, like the smoke in the fog

–Skinner J.Tyler 2022

Wazing moon phase during April 2022 edited by Dr Digital Philosophy
Dimension 5D 2022

“The sky, with all might, fury and hell gave way to a place; sound shaking the ground; was the prophecy real?”

“The scroll written lamb, would break first with hand; unleash famine after war, a horse with a rider, death was at hand

–The Prophet 0937–
The tree of life scent burner by Dr Digital Philosophy 2021-2022
Tree of Life 2022

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