Flowers Of Another Kind

Plants Alive: Cannabis Aspect

By: Skinner J.Tyler
Cannabis Plant Growing during vegetation stage 2022
Cannabis Plants Growing 2022

I always enjoy waking up now each morning, grabbing a bite to eat and pouring a cup of hot chocolate. The cat usually comes behind me, wanting some food himself. He likes tuna and makes sure I don’t forget it each morning. It is something he enjoys in the morning and since waking up early in the morning during these days, he follows quickly to get his tuna.

The best part about growing plants are you never know what to expect really. They wake up during the day and sleep during the night, like us people do. This morning I heard the humming of the fan come on, as everything is powered by a time switch. It helps maintain the proper timing for the plants light schedule and darkness (especially during this time of the grow cycle which is the flower stage), causing the cannabis plants to start flowering upon realizing light (day cycle) has become shorter and will now prepare to bud before the winter.

Edited cannabis plants growing during flower stage 2022
Flower Cycle 2022

I enjoy feeding the plants just as much as I do feeding the cat. The cat likes his tuna and the girls (cannabis plants), like their nutrients, water and oxygen. I have a perfect ventilation system set up so they get lots of air to maintain photosynthesis. I keep up on their food schedule where each plant is feed once during the day and switched to the next plant the following day, usually allowing for one day where they get no water or food. This helps avoid overeating and overfeeding, which has worked well for me during this grow.

Throughout the rest of the week though, they are watered anywhere from 3 to 6 times per week. Along with the food, nutrients and maintenance of the humidity; the girls are quite picky but doing good overall. They have been the highlight of my day for quite some time now and with their success in the next few months, I plan on having a efficient, productive grow area where I can grow more plants and reach a higher potential for growing cannabis.

Edited Cannabis Growing Canada Original Capture of White Widow Strain
Edited Cannabis Strain White Widow 2022

Growing has become a hobby of mine and with the proper research, reliable resources and other potential work involved in this process. Growing cannabis has led me to understand that I can grow my own herbs and vegetables with this cultivating essence of escape. Even now, I plan on developing a garden with my Father to start growing vegetables outside over the next year.

You see, when you journey down a road less traveled; you have no idea what you will pick up or find. The mystery is unknown because it is a road we have not dwelled upon. This process can lead us to a new aspect on life and culture. Exploring history and how these things began and came to where we grow them today can also be very beneficial with research into cultivating plants and vegetables.

Cannabis Plants growing edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during April 2021-2022
Cannabis Plants 2022

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I guess that’s what brings me here today; exploring many aspects of my life. Getting lost along the way and finding myself to come back better; understanding more about myself and the world around me. Growing is something we all do over time, so watching it take place with another living species is spectacular, sad and overwhelming. It’s not something I’m use to but something I enjoy. Hopefully there will be more to come on thos topics once it has become my new favorite hobby.

Edited Cannabis grow environment during cultivation 2021-2022
Cannabis Plant 2022

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